Thursday, January 29, 2009

I don't want to brag, but braggings my game and my kids are cute.

To my avid and somewhat demented Blog O' Cheese readers: I, Cheeseboy, interrupt the highly debatable and controversial topic of Belvedere v. Danza to bring you three videos I have been meaning to post for friends and family. I apologize, for the usual hilarity shall ensue on the morrow. In the mean time, check out my adorable kids!

The first video is Lincoln and I on our most recent excursion to Leeds. We always go on this hike, about five minutes from Grandma's house, to Red Cliffs. Lincoln loves it because at the end of the hike you have to hold onto a rope and swing yourself across a small waterfall. Lincoln, being too small, gets to gallivant on papa's back. We almost died here!

Calder has recently begun repeating the phrase over and over to me, "YOU'RE THE BEST DAD IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!" It never gets old. He says it first thing when I get home, when he goes to bed and when I leave for school in the morning. Often, he will just say it out of the blue and give me a hug. It's too adorable for words. I really need to include this somehow in my next "tag" for the girls to ahh at. Check it out:

The final video is of our recent trip to Disneyland. We were in line for about the 1oth time for the new Toy Story ride there. The boys enjoyed wearing their glasses.

Again, back to the creative nonsense tomorrow.


Tammy said...

That's nice to finally see the new Disneyland ride though Cathi and your parents don't seem too thrilled to be on video.

Lori said... videos! I hate to watch kids go on that rope hike around the waterfall! Scary!

Calder is so cute. It's always fun when they start to say something new.

Aaawww...Disneyland. I love that place! Time to start a new Disneyland countdown meter?