Saturday, January 24, 2009

I've been tagged and this time I'm taking it seriously. (Because I can't think of anything else to blog about and I don't want to disappoint readers.)

First of all, I would like to say I sincerely apologize for missing a day of blogging yesterday. I fought long and hard with blogger last night, and I was ultimately defeated and I went down in a blaze of glory. I am still having troubles with the site, as I am unable to see the normal “posting” screen. It is missing the font choices and the spell check. Is anyone else having these same issues? It is beyond frustrating.

I have been tagged by my sister Esther. She tagged me, as a joke, but I am going to go surprise her by actually responding to her tag. I was tagged once before, but had a difficult time taking it seriously. Therefore, I take upon me this challenge: to respond to a “tag” without making it a joke.

*Note to my readers: Just because I am responding to a tag does not decrease my manliness or make me a mom blogger. Why do tags just have to be for girls? Sure, 95% of tags are done by girls, but being the blogging trendsetter that I am, I am going to do my best to change things. Hope you appreciate this Esther. I’m putting on my wussy cap for you.

*Note #2: I am also doing this because for once, I have a severe case of blogger’s block. This is the first time that this has happened, and I hope that breaking the tag curse will pull me out of it.

*Note #3: After blogging about pooping my pants, I have no shame. That and completing a little tag will only do wonders for my “street cred” with the other Mormon mom bloggers.

8 Favorite TV Shows:
1. LOST (But less so now that “Neil” was hit by a flaming arrow in the chest. He was my favorite character on the show!)
2. The Daily Show (But less so now that “You don’t know Dick” will no longer be a regular clip.)
3. Chuck (Unless I have to wear 3D glasses. I hate cardboard papercuts on the bridge of my nose.)
4. Freaks & Geeks
5. The Office
6. Get A Life (Staring the great Chris Elliott.)
7. The Soup (Especially Yo Gabba Gabba clips and clips of cats eating spaghetti.)
8. Saturday Night Live

Steven Colbert and 30 Rock deserve an honorable mentions here as well.

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Went down a waterslide. (Not joking.)
2. Kissed me lady. (On the lips even.)
3. Laser pointed until I could laser point no more.
4. Killed a spider.
5. I had some socks in my underwear drawer. I had no idea how they got there. I decided to move them to their rightful drawer.
6. Sang “I’m A Survivor” out loud in my Hyundai.
7. Watched “The Office” and told my wife that “HILLARY SWANK IS NOT HOT!”, which she is not.
8. Made up a bedtime story for Lincoln and Calder about a dragon that needs braces because the fire is ruining his teeth.

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Next school year
2. Sleeping in
3. Occasions in which I get to perform
4. Football games
5. Buying new clothes
6. Eating out at a nice place with my lady
7. Summer
8. Jogging

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. Market Street Broiler
2. Joe’s Crab Shack (for crab)
3. Rodizio Grill (only occasionally – for meat)
4. Training Table (for Bleu Bacon burger and cheese fries.)
5. Crown Burger
6. PF Changs
7. The Pie
8. Millies

8 Things On My Wish List:
1. Hot Tub
2. Plasma TV
3. Trip to Pennsylvania
4. Cruise to Alaska
5. VW Bus
6. I’m getting really tired of this.
7. How do you ladies do these ALL THE TIME!
8. More wishes

There you have it – a man truthfully responding to a tag. Soak it in now ladies, because you may never see it again in your lifetime. It actually felt really good; like I was shedding layers of shame. I don’t feel awkward at all. I do think that I am going to go lift some weights and grow some more chest hair before hitting the hay.

I’ve got to crush this writer’s block. Responding to tags simply reeks of desperation.

I do not tag anyone and this spawn of the tag officially ends here.

Thank you for your patience and the Blog O’Cheese will be back to it’s normally scheduled programming on the morrow with some original material.


Tammy said...

Congrats Abe! You were tagged, you did it, and you survived! Now I know we don't have much in common except I do like to eat at some of the places you do.

And because I'm annoying (and it's a pet peeve of mine and you can do it right back to me on my blog) I thought I would point out to you that disappoint is spelled with one s and two p's :) Unless you're trying to be creative and the hidden meaning is you are dissing the tag.

Tammy said...

And I forgot to ask what the heck were you doing on a waterslide yesterday???

Cheeseboy said...

Hey Tammy, there are a couple reasons for my misspelled word. 1) The spellcheck on my blogger is broken, 2) I asked Cathi specifically if it was spelled correctly and she said yes!

We had Lincoln's birthday party yesterday at the Murray Rec center. He only invited 3 school friends - so don't tell Nathan about it.

Oh, yeah I was trying to be creative - right.

Tammy said...

YAY!!! I love when we catch Cathi doing something wrong :) because she's so smart!

Glad to hear you went on an indoor waterslide. You're so crazy I could only imagine what you must be doing otherwise. And Nathan won't feel bad about the party. After all, we always do ours with neighbors so I totally understand.

Traci said...

I like that you refer to Cathi as "my lady" - it's very R&B- you know kind of Ne-Yo-esque

lindsey v said...

Hello Mr. O'Cheese. I am a fan of your blog. Don't worry I'm not a weirdo or anything. I was drawn to your blog from reading some of your comments on Tammy's blog. Anyway, I think your writings are amusing and they always make me laugh.

I think I might know what could help you with blogger. When you are in your posting screen there are two tabs above where you are writing. One says 'edit html' and one says 'compose'. When you are in 'edit html' it doesn't show things like spellcheck and font. Try clicking on 'compose'. If that doesn't help, then I guess I don't know what you are talking about.

Keep the funniness coming. Oh, and I don't think that doing a tag is in any way emasculating.

Cheeseboy said...

In my defense, Abe asked me if disappoint had one s or two. I told him I thought it was only 1, but I wasn't sure. I thought he would look it up.

Cheeseboy said...

Hey thanks Lindsay V. I actually figured it out - I just had to delete my temporary internet files and everything was kosher again.

And Lindsay - please feel free to comment any time. I am hoping that my blog reaches those I don't know so I can get some major sponsors - Like RC Willey or something. I could be the next Paige Davis!

brermomo said...


What is a tag?

brermomo said...

OK! I just couldn't wait.
I looked it up:

Many blog systems allow authors to add free-form tags to a post, along with (or instead of) placing the post into categories. For example, a post may display that it has been tagged with baseball and tickets. Each of those tags is usually a web link leading to an index page listing all of the posts associated with that tag. The blog may have a sidebar listing all the tags in use on that blog, with each tag leading to an index page. To reclassify a post, an author edits its list of tags. All connections between posts are automatically tracked and updated by the blog software; there is no need to relocate the page within a complex hierarchy of categories.

I still don't get it.

Cheeseboy said...

Aunt Margaret, you are funny. That may be the technical definition, but the Utah definition is: something that mom bloggers do when they get really bored. I am sorry if New York is not as savvy when it comes to blogging as the Beehive State.