Friday, January 2, 2009

I am (and our gang) the jolliest that you have ever seen.

I have never cried after a football game - for good or bad, but I almost did tonight.  My life as a Ute fan has reached a new high.  I love this team; I have loved this season.  I doubt I am able to sleep much tonight.  

I have heard the best Utah football win in history - no doubt.

I have heard the best state of Utah win in history - no doubt.

I have heard the biggest win in Utah sports history - Probably. 

They said that we could not bring enough people to the game - I saw at least 20,000 strong in the stadium.

Forget adding Boise State to the MWC - how about the PAC 10 giving the Utes a call?  Better yet, how about a playoff?

Utah is no longer "Mid-Major".  Nothing about the program is "Mid-Major".  This is as major as it gets.

I remember, as a 14 year old kid attending a game with 20,000 people in the stands Rice Stadium - hopeful just to be invited to a bowl game.

I remember beating BYU twice in a row - no longer just a fluke to do so.

I remember winning the first outright MWC championship - I thought my life as a Ute fan was complete.

Never, ever did I expect Fiesta Bowl AND Sugar Bowl champions within five years.

This year was special, this team was special; without a doubt my favorite year of Utah football.

Kinda brings a tear to my eye.


brandi (and tim) said...

For some reason, there's a quote from A River Runs Through It in my head right now. After the younger brother dies, the older brother and the father are talking. The older brother tells the father, "What I know is that he was a fine fisherman." The father corrects him saying, "You know more than that. He was beautiful."

This conversation is in my head because the only way to describe this game is "beautiful".

cousin larry

Tammy said...

As you know I'm not one who ever really comments on your sports posts because I'm not really a fan of sports but tonight I finally asked Mike why the Sugar Bowl is such a big deal and now I know :)

Lori said...

Go Utes!!!

OK, I'm not a huge football fan, but it's been a while since I commented and I feel a sense of guilt for that! I swear I'll start reading more faithfully once all these kids get back in school.

sacdaddy said...

As Chirs Farley said in Tommy Boy, "That was ahhhhwsome!"

I was actually laughing out loud with the 21 to zip first quarter start.

Then to hear the national network hosts eat their words at halftime and afterwords was too funny!

What a year!