Thursday, January 1, 2009

On the morrow the Utes will shock the world.

The time has come.  The day we Ute fans never thought we would see - well, see for a second time.  Now that the day has come - again - I feel so very validated as a Ute fan. 

Somehow, someway the Utes need to pull this one out.  How sweet would it be to have both a Fiesta Bowl and a Sugar Bowl trophy in the ol' trophy case.  I think that cougar fans would have a bad case of trophy-envy - and you know how the zoobs get when they get envious.  Of course, BYU has their two Vegas Bowl trophies in their case - the equivalent of winning two People's Choice awards for Best Supporting Actress in a made for TV movie.  Congrats on that, cougars.  I am sure those trophies look nice next your men's volleyball trophies.

Anyway, I am remarkably calm on the eve of the storm.  I had the same feeling the night before the last Final Four game.  I am at peace.  On the morrow, however, my countenance shall become a ravaging Tide hater. Forge on, mighty Utes!  For on the morrow, we shall overcome!


Ike said...

Are you coming over to watch it with the fam?

brandi (and tim) said...

I've been anticipating this post for a few weeks now. I'm very excited. And confident. As curious as I was about the Kruger-Smith match up, I'm not complaining one bit that he's suspended. It's definitely a benefit to us even if it gives them an excuse. It should be a close game but I'm tired of the talking heads try and argue that if Utah gets blown out the BCS should reconsider including the non-BCS teams. Something tells me that no one is going to argue against the Big Ten after Penn States embarrassment earlier today. Or when Ohio State gets ran over by Texas. I feel good about this game. I wish that I could have been there.

Go Utes!

cousin larry

Tammy said...

Sorry Abe I don't have anything to comment on this post. But I wanted to tell you I changed my background so see if it loads faster and leave me a comment on the chat with me section.

Ike said...

Nice prediction! We missed you guys tonight!

What a game! Go Utes!