Saturday, October 25, 2008

I have decided - I will rush the field against BYU if Utah goes undefeated.

I have decided that IF my Utes somehow run the table and win their remaining 4 games, I shall rush the field as the final seconds of the BYU game tick away.

I have never rushed the field, although I considered it after the big win in 04.  Given that going undefeated this year would be even more remarkable than in 04, I feel that my first field rush would be appropriate.

Currently under consideration are three ways that I could rush: 1. Topless. 2. Topless with a Utah flag hung over my back like a cape. 3. Topless, with the flag cape AND a huge red U pained on my belly.  

Of course, this would all prove moot if they somehow lose to NM, TCU or -gasp, gulp- BYU.  

So, given that I will be going to the BYU game with Ike, Jake and Jordan and Dad, which of you are in for the field rush?  Dad, do you want to paint your belly red with me?


Ike said...

Abe, I specifically remember rushing the field many years ago with you. I think it may have been one of Utah's 34-31 victories over the Y.

I will be working in the booth so I will not be rushing the field with you this time. Sorry.

brandi (and tim) said...

The only time that I ever rushed a playing field was when I was an Aggie and we beat a ranked Utah basketball team in Logan. I don't remember the year, I don't remember how good Utah was supposed to be, I just remember being really conflicted. I never had any feelings for USU footfall for obvious reasons, but Aggie basketball was a blast. Does that make me a bad person?

What's really funny about BYU is that how their fans were expecting to end the season playing for a national championship but now Utah fans are just hoping that BYU can somehow stay in the top 25 until they play them to boost Utah's SOS. Today was not impressive.

As for your question, rush and rush soccer fan style!

Anonymous said...

Give these Ute fans some love please~

Cheeseboy said...

Anonymous - I see that Jay Drew actually wrote about this in his column/blog on the Desnews site. What a complete jackass! That looks like a completely nice family and the dad did nothing wrong by wearing his U jersey to BYU practice. The fact that Jay Drew wrote about it and some BYU fans called him classless on his own blog just solidifies the fact that some Y fans can be the biggest pieces of garbage on the planet.

clark.yospe said...

I may not rush the field, but hobble down there after the initial rush. It's the shortest distance from our North end seats to the car parked in the south side streets. I would paint my belly. I think I can get the words "University of Utah established 1859" all on on line in double thick lipstick. What does that say about the size of my belly? Dad