Friday, October 3, 2008

A story about the drunken Beaver fan that sat directly behind me last night.

Last night, behind my brother and I sat a man.  An intoxicated man.  Now, intoxicated men ALWAYS sit behind and around me in the north end zone.  However, this intoxicated man claimed to be a beaver fan.  What was odd though was he was not wearing any beaver apparel and never actually attended Oregon State. In fact, he said he was more of an Oregon fan, which is odd because how in the world can you be a fan of your rival's school?  He was such an idiot!

During the course of the game, he became more and more drunk and at one time spilled his beer on the ground and all over my sweatshirt.  As he became more and more drunk, his language got more and more coarse.  Now, I have a pretty high tolerance for bad language, but when the crowd started chanting "LET'S...GO...UTAH", he chimed in, "F...YOU..UTAH."  Okay, he had officially gone too far.

It was at this moment that my brother Jordan, turned around and gave him a good stare down.  Jordan, who is larger than I, and perhaps more intimidating made him feel slightly less daring and his shenanigans stopped.... for a bit.  Nevertheless, when Oregon State went up 28-20 with 2 minutes left, he once again started in with the obnoxiousness and the language.  

What happened during those final two minutes would have been absolutely thrilling, but having this guy witness it directly behind me made it even more exhilarating.  Jordan and I made extra sure that we directed our cheers precisely in his direction.  As the final kick went through the goalposts and the hugging had subsided, I turned around to see this dork standing there in stunned silence.  Sometimes life's backward karma feels so good.  IN YOUR FACE PRETEND BEAVER FAN!  

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