Thursday, October 2, 2008

I've named my car a fitting name. What could it be???

Today is national "name your car day".  I have given this day much contemplation. Naming your car is something you want to just throw out there and hope it sticks, like you do your kids.  It is much more involved than that. This will shape your car's identity for years to come.  If you want your car to have solid self esteem, you certainly cannot just name it "Sluga D. Papenfus".  It needs a name that, if it is ever involved in a street race, will have a nice ring to it.

Now that I have built it up, I have decided to name my car "Dick Birkenstocks".  Dick - after the great Dick Van Dyke and Birkenstocks after the sandals that were so popular years ago.  These sandals helped people get around, and my car does the same.  So... I give you the great Dick Birkenstocks, the best darned car in the west!  

I am off to the game.  But, if you would like to share your car's name in the comments, feel free.


su-tang 3000 said...

my car is called the bomfunk, after my favorite finnish hip hop group. it even has it's own theme song, "uprocking beats."

yes. i'm a nerd.

go utes.

Tammy said...

abe i still can't think of a name for my car :(. right now i just call it poc for piece of crap.