Friday, October 31, 2008

Lincoln made his dad so proud while trick or treating and...Go Utes! Beat the Loobs. (Lobos)

While trick-or-treating tonight, we walked up to a very nice house with a huge, blue Y in the window.  Lincoln and his friends knocked on the door and yelled the customary Halloween salutation.  When the lady came to the door, the first thing Lincoln said was, "You have the wrong letter in your window!"  Now this was totally unprovoked and I in no way coached him at all.  The lady was taken aback a little and it took her a minute to respond.  She finally said, "Who told you to say that?: while looking right at me.  Lincoln immediately caught her off guard again when he very quickly stated, "No one told me to say that, I just know it is true."  

It is so nice when you realize you are raising your kid the right way.  

And... Go Utes!  Beat the Loobs!


Tim and Clarissa said...

Hey give us Loobs a break! The state of New Mexico is ranked number 48 in education. It's not our fault we can't spell. Plus UNM is thinking about letting anyone who applies to it's school to be accepted. Those are high standards my friend.


Cheeseboy said...

Clarissa, I forgot that I had readers in NM. My apologies if you were offended. Are they going to start calling UNM New Mexico Community College?