Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gee-willickers.. I've been tagged (3 Things) and I am LOVING it!

Help! I’ve been tagged! Actually, I have been tagged any number of times, but have never actually completed the designated tag as I have found them to be a colossal waste of time. However, in the spirit of tagedness (and in the spirit of a still lingering Christmas, 07), I have decided to create my own tag and tag myself. Thus, I have been tagged by none other than me, myself. And away we go...

Three things:
1. Tinfoil
2. A retainer
3. A hairball.

Three people that have tagged me:
1. Tammy
2. Lori
3. Esther??

Three people I wish would tag me:
1. Any man named Tom with a mustache. (Must be of Asian descent.)
2. David Hasselhoff
3. Bilbo Baggins

Three people or things I wish I could tag for charity purposes only:
1. The Special Olympics
2. The homeless guy that plays the accordion outside after Jazz games.
3. The extras from ‘High School Musical’. So underappreciated.

Three jerk faces that deserve to never get tagged:

1. The evil BYU fan that tormented me all through Junior High.
2. Dr. Phil and Oprah for never returning my calls or emails. Especially Oprah.
3. Sarah Pailin’s moose hunting pals.

Three people that I know just wish I would tag them:
1. Miss Slendersome
2. Dr. Calvin Tyroski Jr.
3. Bobby Bobbinfuss & The ‘Bobbinfuss Five’

Three things I would rather do than respond to a tag:
1. Building personal hygiene kits for obese monkeys..
2. Skinning a pile of dead ferrets. (But only if the ferrets have been pre-cleaned by ferret cleaning experts - and as long as they have been killed in a discreet, humane manner such as being run over by a truck or whacked over the head with a wooden spoon.)
3. Make my own “pretend” tag, as I am doing right now. Yeah, this is SO much better than responding to a regular tag.

I now tag the following people: Grandma, a cab driver and Ike


Tammy said...

Love it Abe! Especially the fact that you'd rather be building personal hygiene kits for monkeys! funny!

granny.yospe said...


Cheeseboy said...

That's right - I tag you Grandma Yospe. You've been tagged.