Saturday, October 18, 2008

- Yawn - Another day, another win for the Utes.

Another game day today.  This time I went with my Principal, which was great.  He picked me up, bought me water, even brought me a chair to sit on. It was a lovely day and our date could not have gone better. We didn't hold hands though. Thoughts regarding the game...

  • Corbin Louks is a very fast man.  It will be fun to watch him full time next year run the offense.
  • Best game so far this year by the offense, no doubt.  Very consistent, scored every quarter.
  • Best overall game this year.
  • Crazy lady is getting old.  
  • It was my first time ever sitting in the South end zone.  Very interesting perspective of the game from that angle.
  • The next game scares me more than any game so far this year.  New Mexico always gives us fits, especially at their place.
  • There was a man in the student section wearing a full, red, spandex body suit that even covered his head.  It was the freakiest thing I have ever seen at a game.
  • Paul Kruger is the best defensive player I have seen at the U since Luther Ellis and that is saying a lot.
  • 8-0 feels great!  It sure feels better than the alternative, 7-1.  Now that would suck.

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Ike said...

NM beat SDSU 70-7 yesterday. Looks like they're peaking at the wrong time for us.

That's why you play the games.