Friday, October 24, 2008

A truffle full of items: HSM 3, BFF's, Disney's CA, and the Tooth Fairy.

  • High School Musical 3: It's Complicated is out in theaters today, and I must admit that I am more than a little bit curious;  so much so that last night I caught myself watching Part II on the Disney Channel.  Cathi came in, laughed, and asked why in the world I was watching this.  I was not sure how to respond.  However, I am not sure why I am curious or what is causing this, but I took two testosterone caplets and I feel much better now.
  • Speaking of curiosity, for some reason I found myself watching about five minutes of Paris Hilton's My New BFF last night.  I came to two conclusions after throwing up in my bowl of popcorn: 1. Popcorn is about 60% less tasty when filled with barf.  2. The perfect ending to this show would be if everyone on it realized that having Paris as a BFF would actually be a bad thing and abruptly left the show. 
  • Speaking of Disneyland, I really wish they would bring back the Skyride and the People Mover.  The Skyride was such a relaxing way to get from one end of the park to the other and no matter how crowded the park was, you could always just walk on the People Mover and get out of the sun.  Plus, the Tron portion of the People Mover was an astonishing feat of imagineering.
  • I taught a lesson today on brushing your teeth and keeping them cavity free.  The other day Lincoln asked me a very good question that I posed to the class:  If you are just going to lose your baby teeth anyway, why do you need to brush them?
  • I received various answers from the class.  One child said brushing your baby teeth helps keep your new teeth clean.  One girl actually suggested that brushing your baby teeth makes them loose and helps them to fall out.  However, I thought the most creative answer was: "You have to keep your baby teeth clean because when they fall out, the Tooth Fairy does not have time to clean them all; she has more teeth to collect."  Makes perfect sense.  
  • I also learned that if the Tooth Fairy accidentally forgets one night, your parents can call her and tell her to bring you DOUBLE the money the next night!  What a deal!
  • Finally, it is good to see that Jana has discovered Yo Gabba Gabba and now lists it as one of her favorite shows.  Glad to introduce you to it Jana.  It is a pleasure.  I wish nothing but hours and hours of viewing and your boys get sucked into that ludicrously maniacal world.  (Strangely enough, as I type this, I am watching one of my favorite bands, I'm From Barcelona play on the show.  I also noticed another one of my favorites, Datarock, was on today.  How is that possible?)

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Tammy said...

I hadn't heard about the overhaul at California Adventure so thanks for posting the link! I'm one of the people who think it's just a "bonus" to Disneyland. Mostly because there isn't much for the little ones to do there.

And I'm a fan of Paris Hilton's BFF show! Except now that the little he-she is gone I'm not sure how exciting it will be.