Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Q & A with the Cheeseboy. (Some have A's, some do not.)


1. Where is that putrid smell coming from? Somewhere within the friendly confines of the Cheeseboy household there is a wee bit of something sour that is polluting the air. We have searched and searched to no avail. The odor hovers over our front room and leisurely snickers at us, making a mockery of our muzzle. Stupid muzzle mocker, mocking our muzzle to no end!

2. Why was it that on the Ghostbusters movie Slimer was an enemy, but on the cartoon, “Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters”, Slimer was a member of the Ghostbusting team?

3. Where have all the cowboys gone?

4. Why is it that in every movie that there is an angry mob, they are always carrying torches? Even in modern movies, in which flashlights have clearly been invented, the mob continues to carry torches. Is it purely because torches allow them to burn things, or is there a deeper seeded reason? And why is it that torches never go out in the movies unless the person holding the torch is about to die?

5. How do they make it rain inside the Tikki Room? One second it’s raining, but you leave and there’s sunshine. It’s insane!

6. How and why did Kim Kardasian become famous?


1. Q: How do you know which kids are the most naughty in the school within seconds?
A: Visit any assembly and look for the 2-3 kids that are sitting closest to the teachers.

2. Q: Where is the best place to take your child when they are acting up in sacrament meeting?
A: The ward kitchen.

3. Q: On average, how many men leave right after President Monson’s talk instead of waiting through the closing hymn and prayer at Priesthood meeting?
A: 38

4. Q: How often should you lubricate chafed thighs?
A: Every single time they get chafed. No exceptions.

5. Q: What should be the very first step of mowing your lawn?
A: Removing plastic toy guns that might be hiding in the grass.

6. Q: What is the most controversial topic I have ever blogged about?
A: A recent episode of Yo Gabba Gabba.
Now, if I ever blog about the Yo Gabba Gabba crew going on a Mormon youth trek, the Blog O’ Cheese just might explode in bits of controversial sausages. Do they even make bonnets big enough to fit those furry Gabba characters? It’s also a good thing that the gang recently learned how to play the marching game.


CaraDee said...

I have often wondered the same thing about slimer, but my husband claims that in one of the sequel(s?) that they became friends. I don't know.

Esther said...

Answers to your unanswered questions:
1. Where is that putrid smell coming from? It's either you, or your kids hid a cheese sandwhich in the couch cushions months ago.

2. Slimer was awesome. 'Nuff said.

3. Where have all the cowboys gone?

4. Angry mob torches are all the RAGE! Get it? Rage! Angry mob!. . . No? Okay. . .I think it was just so they could burn things down then.

5. How do they make it rain inside the Tikki Room? Disney Magic!

6. How and why did Kim Kardasian become famous?
Answer: I don't know. File that with the following eternally unanswerable questions like: Why is Nichole Richie famous? Why did they make a show called The Hills about stuck-up gilrs who are not famous, just to MAKE them famous? Why are other stations thinking that is a good idea and copying it? and Why did Lynsay Lohan decide to date such an ugly lesbian girl that looks exactly like a boy?

Tammy said...

I hate when you can't find where a putrid smell is coming from. Especially in your house! Good luck finding it SOON!

Kim Kardasian is famous because she dated someone famous and somehow that made her famous because she has a big butt. Then she did the reality show and the rest is history. If you do a reality show you are a celebrity! Just look at Paris Hilton. She has a new show on that I watch :)

Lori said...

Abe, have you smelled all over on your rug in the TV room for a bad smell? Once my kids spilled a sippy cup of milk on the carpet and I didn't realize it...until that terrible smell. Eeewww! Good luck.