Sunday, October 19, 2008

When Lincoln lies in bed, he thinks of the strangest things.

After we put Lincoln to bed, sometimes a half an hour will pass and he will still be awake.  We will be watching TV and all of a sudden we will have a short, completely off the wall conversation with him like the one we had tonight. 

LINCOLN: [Yelling from his bed.]  Mom, dad?  

CATHI: Yes Lincoln.

LINCOLN: I thought of a good name.

ME: A name for what?

LINCOLN: You know, like a person.

CATHI:  You can tell me about it tomorrow.  Go to bed.

[I, however, am curious.]

ME: Okay Lincoln, what is the name?

LINCOLN: Jean-ba 

ME: [Laughing] Is it a boy or girls name?

LINCOLN: I don't know yet.

ME: Good name Lincoln.  Now go to bed.


It was funny because he had been laying in bed for over a half hour and I know he was just making up strange names for people in his head the entire time.  It is also funny because this is the type of random, bizarre, after-he-has-been-in-bed conversation that we have all the time.  Maybe we will name our next kid Jeanba.


Lori said...

Is that an announcement Abe? About a new kid coming into the family...???

Cheeseboy said...


Tammy said...

That's funny because I used to do the same thing when I was a kid. Only in my head I thought of names in alphabetical order like all the names I could think of that begin with A, then B, then C and so on until I finally would fall asleep.