Thursday, July 17, 2008

Scooter update -

The scooter wouldn't start again today - twice.  I called my neighbor and we took it back - again.  They said, "It has run out of gas."  Okay, fine, but I totally filled up 20 miles ago.  These things are suppose to get 80-100 MPG.  

My neighbor went with me (he has a truck) and I wanted to get my money back.  They wanted to charge us an 18% restocking fee.  My neighbor was very forceful and even got kicked out of the place.

After much argument with the manager, we got our full refund.

Stay away from Chinese scooters!  I actually think I am going to stay away from scooters all together.  The last couple of nights I have had nightmares of being run over in an intersection or losing control on a turn.  I feel more secure in the confines of 4 doors and a windshield.  Maybe we should start saving for one of those gas saving hybrids.  Only $26,000 more than a scooter!

And what am I going to do with this worthless motorcycle license?  


Lori said...

Oh, so sorry Abe. At least you figured this out now...instead of next month when it would have been too late! That is LUCKY! Well, back to the polls I guess.

Lori said...

Abe, maybe this relates to Tammy's post today about promptings and stuff. It was probably meant to be that the scooter thing didn't work out!

Tammy said...

Good thinking about the prompting Lor! That's exactly what I meant :).

Sorry to hear about your rotten luck Abe. I think you just have bad luck with motorized vehicles in general. Maybe you should look into a SMART car (you know . . . the brand, not that a car is "smart"). Instead of saving $26K you only need about $10K.

Good thing you took your neighbor! Do you think you'll look at a name brand scooter now or just give up the dream?

Cathi said...

I think I will give up the dream, especially since my scooter dreams have not been so good lately.

Look on the bright side - at least we can get that laptop that will be about half the price!

granny.yospe said...

whew! at least you got out of it with $$ in your hand. i am feeling good about this transaction. a computer is sounding better and better. nancy is right--the cutest thing about that scooter was the person sitting on top!

Ike said...


I am disappointed for you, but I will say I am not surprised.

You should save up for a Vespa.

The Yospe's said...

I think that you should go somewhere else and get a better brand scooter. I was proud to have a brother with a scooter... and now, I am disappointed that I don't. I would be proud of you if you got a smart car. You should look into them... Or a Vespa. Vespa's are good.

nmcpheeters said...

Your mom-in-law again. Well, I guess I agree - this must be a premonition that you are not supposed to have a scooter. I feel better now - because Jerry won't let me have one either. At least your car gets better gas milage than ours.
Love ya,
Mom in law

Eric said...

okay, go for the laptop! that was my choice for you anyway :)

sacdaddy said...

If you get the laptop, just make sure to get the "Super Edition"