Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July Swimming

After the Parade of Crappy Candy and my run, we decided to head directly across the street for a dive.  We pretty much have an open invitation to swim whenever we want.  They are great neighbors.

Here I am in full swim regalia.  I take every precaution.  The pool does get around 10 feet deep! 

I was able to get and maintain a weggie from Calder's water toy for a good 15 minutes.  I also could not get one of the waterwings off.  It was a Barbie waterwing and it must have been set to tourniquet mode.  I nearly lost feeling in my fingers.

Lincoln wanted me to post this picture of him jumping off their garage into the pool.  He especially wants people to know that he is NOT wearing a life jacket during this jump.

Here is Calder getting up the courage to jump in the deep end.  I am not sure, I will have to check with Cathi, but I think he is still over there, standing on the end of the diving board.  We should probably check on that

After we eat German pancakes tonight, (in honor of America) we will head across the street to watch the fireworks from our neighbor's front lawn. We can actually see them just as well as I ever saw them at Sugarhouse Park.  Maybe I will add some pictures to the Cheeseboy blog later.  Happy 4th everyone!


Tammy said...

WOW! I can't believe Lincoln is so brave!!!!! Nathan won't even put his face IN the water! And I love your swimming life-savers!

Lori said...

Abe, you remind me of Brooklyn with all the gear on....that was her when we went swimming the other day. She had on one of those tanktop floatie well as sitting in the baby water floater thing.
That is a GREAT picture of Lincoln! Ryan is going to be soooo surprised to see that...he will love it!
You guys really do have "water babies". I remember going to the pool last summer with Cathi... Calder was crawling all over in the pool....slipping his head under the water sometimes...very impressive!