Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No you may not Calder!

We were driving home from St. George today when, out of nowhere, we had the following conversation with our three-year-old, Calder. (FYI - We normally never have these types of conversations... ever!)

Calder: Mom... can we cut off my penis today?

Me: OW! Calder, that would hurt so bad!

Calder: No, it wouldn't!



Lincoln: Yeah Calder, that would really hurt!

[About 20 seconds pass. The only sound is Lincoln giggling uncontrollably and Cathi and I holding it in. Finally, Calder breaks the silence]

Calder: So, can we do it today then mom?

Cathi: NO!

Calder: Why mom?

Cathi: How would you go pee pee Calder?

Calder: Magic.

He is so weird.

I swear, that is exactly how the conversation went. Neither Cathi or I am too concerned. Calder is about as boy as it gets - he loves fighting and getting dirty and motorcycles and sports. Plus,. if you know Calder, you know he says stuff just to get attention or to be funny. Apparently it worked because Lincoln could not stop laughing for the next 20 minutes.


quinn and kristi said...

i love that kid. he is hilarious!

Crumpy said...

I do not know how you kept your composure. That was so random....

The Bennett Family said...

That is the funniest thing I've heard in a very long time. It must be different having a boy house than a girl house...I don't think my 8-year-old even knows what a penis is!!

Esther said...

Maybe it's because I changed Cambria's diaper in front of him and Luke on Sunday and they asked why she didn't have a penis. I explained that girls don't have a penis. Sounds like he's been pondering that ever since!

Tammy said...

Esther might be on to something. Maybe that's why he was thinking it.

Claire said...

Kids are amazing.
Since this post is already older, just think, you're that much closer to one day being able to be like "haha..hey buddy, guess what you once wanted to do??"
And embarrassing him with all the awesome stories you'll have under your belt.
Ya know, in case you're into that type of thing, and all.