Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How am I supposed to write a ovel whe my computer is missig a letter?!

I am movig schools, ad thus, I have bee required to give up my brad ew iBook laptop. Furtuately, my ew school has give me their loaer laptop util they ca get me a icer oe.

There is a sigle problem: this laptop is missig the letter that comes after "m" ad before "o". It's ot that big a deal really. I will just have to make due with what I have - a 1963 Mac with a missig letter.

The crummy thig is that I today I was goig to write about how my avy blue osehair trimmers do such a fie job of removig the hair from my ostrils. Hoestly, I have ever see aythig like it!

I thik that I have actually writte about my love for my osehair trimmers, so evermid.

Heaves to Betsy, why did it have to be missig this letter?! I mea, it is such a popular letter, it is oe of the freebees they give you o Wheel of Fortue. This letter aloe has helped Vaa White shape her beautiful thighs with all the the work it has give her.

I kow, I kow. I should feel fortuate that I eve have a job, let aloe a laptop. (People keep tellig me that I am "fortuate to have a job" ad that I should just accept the fact that I am goig to get paid less ext year. To these folks I would like to sed a special message: "You suck!" Dar right I have a job, ad I should get paid MORE moey for it, ot less! You're lucky I do't kock that oggi right off your eck!")

AYWAY, too bad it could't have bee the semicolo; I have o idea how to use that stupid thig. Maybe this thig: ~ What the heck is that dam thig? Does it somehow deote that the author has writte while ridig a waveruer? What a total waste of space that key is!

I realize, give the state of the ecoomy, I should be coutig my blessigs. Our school district just rose the property tax by 20% to make up the shortfall i the budget. Therefore, I plead with the board - please use just a little of that moey o a ew letter (after m) for me. The rest you ca use to make sure I hav a job ext year... makig what you said I would make whe you hired me.

If you could't tell, I am more tha a little bit bitter.
The ed.


Tammy said...

Good thing your name isn't Nathan :)

Ike said...

I'll give you a n, both capitol and lower case that you can copy and paste.

N and n

Cheeseboy said...

Brilliat Ike1!

quinn and kristi said...

O oe uses that letter ayway. Don't worry we will be in the good ol' neighborhood for awhile. so glad we still have you guys. When you move that will be the last straw

Cheeseboy said...

Yeah Quinn (or Kristi) - we have the best neighborhood! Not sure what the deal with all this moving away nonsense is about. Thank goodness you guys are still here.

sacdaddy said...

Yospe's are movig to Draper!?

clark.yospe said...

What's going on here? Your comments to Quinn and Kristi - you are using lot's of N's. I don't get it.

Cheeseboy said...

Usig a differet computer dad.

lindsey v said...

This was a brilliant post.

Cheeseboy said...

Lindsey - that is one of the best compliments I have ever received.