Sunday, April 20, 2008

Zoo Animals On Wheels

17 years ago, to this day, I was watching FOX Sunday night television in my room.  The Simpsons had just aired and a new show was on called "Get A Life".  I decided to give it the old college try as it looked mildly amusing.  Little did I know that my life would soon change forever!

The episode that night just happened to be called "Zoo Animals On Wheels".  I had never in my life laughed so hard as the lead character, Chris Elliott, embodied my exact moronic qualities that I found hilarious in myself.  Finding this show created the perfect storm.  I became it's biggest fan and I told everyone I knew about it.   In reality, the show was so amazingly stupid.  It was purposefully stupid and that was the genius of it.  Although it lasted all of two years, I still firmly believe that this is the most funny sitcom of all time.

I am not the only one to hold claim to the brilliance of Get A Life.  The show I happened to catch that night was named one of the 50 funniest moments in TV history by TV Guide.  The insanity of zoo animals on rollerskates on stage with Chris Elliott leading the deranged performance was too much to handle.  I recall having tears roll down my cheeks as the episode came to a close.  People may not know it, but I still work quotes from this show into everyday conversations.  It's brilliance has far outlasted the show's run.

If you watch this clip, you must stay tuned to watch the closing credits.  Chris Elliott is performing his famous dance routine that he mastered on Letterman.

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Tammy said...

Wow! 17 years ago!! I didn't know you but I do remember watching "Get A Life" and thinking it was super funny. Oddly, I don't remember a single episode. Hmmmm.

My favorite part in this one was Chris getting ready for the kiss!! And watching his dance routine gave me a flashback to Michael and Mackenzie's wedding and a certain someone dancing!!!!!