Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Band/Song of the Day - Architecture in Helsinki - Heart it Races

OK, I realize two posts in one day is very tacky according to Isaac's book of blog rules, but I finally figured out how to post a Youtube video and I was excited to give it try. Today's video is very cool. It is from an Australian band called Architecture in Helsinki. The song is great for first graders, Lincoln and Calder to dance to. (And Abe too.) This band is very quirky but has a definite power-pop sound that is incredibly catchy. Plus, any video with body puppets deserves to be on every blog as song of the day.

If you like their sound, I have a couple of their albums. Just give me a $10.00 and I will download the album from Itunes for you. $20.00 gives you the hidden "bonus track" of me singing this song into a microphone. Enjoy! Just leave a not in the comments.

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Ike said...

I never said it was tacky to post two things on the same day. Stop putting words into my mouth.