Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Funny first grader comment of the day.

This, from one of the triplets, Kaylee.  We were talking about how crummy McDonalds toys are.  She says, "Pretty soon they will just give kids a plastic bag and say, 'Have fun with this plastic bag, batteries not included!'"  

Also, Nick is smiling all day long.  I ask him why he is smiling so much.  He says "I just can't get all my smiles out."


The Yospe's said...


Very funny stuff. Didn't want to say anything, but you keep writing 'where' instead of 'were'.

that is all.

Cheeseboy said...
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Cheeseboy said...

Thanks Jordan. Where is one of our 5 word wall words this week. By the way, I am watching the ultimate of ultimate chick flick at this very moment. "No Reservations" May God have mercy on my soul.