Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Song of the day - We're From Barcelona - I'm From Barcelona

This band is really from Sweden, even though their name says otherwise.  You know, there are some bands you just like because they are funny?  Well, this is one of those bands.  This may be the largest band of all time, totaling over 35 people!  The lead singer (the guy with the funny mustache) decided that it would be great if he just asked a bunch of his buddies to sing along with him.  Now they all go on the road to every show.

Lincoln and Calder love this song and will sing along every time.  I have played it a lot for my class as they work and they will sing along too.  The video is great fun and hilarious to boot.  Once again, if you like this music, I have the album.  Let me know and I can hook you up with a guy who knows a guy who's brother can get it for you at a reasonable price.  Put a note in the comments.

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The Yospe's said...

I find the Google aD funny on your blog- Find Mormon Singles- just because you posted something on Trek. LDS Singles Websites, probably another topic of discussion eventually for your blog, eh?!