Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Upper bowl at a Jazz game

Thanks to Jacob for the free Jazz tickets. However, I have never sat in the upper bowl before. It's a whole different culture up there. Here are a few things I noticed:
  • The guy beside me had chewing tobacco and kept spitting it into his cup.
  • The family in front of me had a flask that they had snuck in. They kept passing it to one another and to the 2 rows in front of them. No germs there. I wonder if these people realize THEY SELL BEER IN THE ESA!
  • This same family spent at least $200 at the game on worthless crap. Boozer jersies, basketballs, dip and dots, food. They really where only in their seats for about half the game. Of course, each time they went to get more crap, they made the entire row get up for them. And, of course they didn't bother to stay for the 4th quarter. Lets see, 6 tickets at $40.00 each, $200.00 worth of crap. Larry H. Miller is not rich because of car sales!
  • One other interesting note. They were too cheap to buy the beer at the ESA, but still spent over $200.00. AT A FRIGGEN BOBCATS GAME!
  • One guy on our row showed up late with his wife. Someone was sitting in his seats so instead of going to get an usher or asking them to leave, he sat down in the staircase and waited. What a baby. The usher had to come up, ask him what was the matter and go ask the people who where in his seats to move. This all happened DURING the game. It was a huge distraction. The guy finally sat down amongst the eye rolls of every person on our row.
  • The upper bowl proved to provide more entertainment than the actual game.


brandi (and tim) said...

You lower bowlers are just a bunch of snobs. So what if us upper bowlers have to bring our own drinks of choice. It's not our fault that the arena doesn't sell cough syrup and hair spray cocktails. As far as the jerseys, Wally's only sells white tank tops. The jerseys work great for them special occasions like weddings and funerals.

I'm glad that Jacob hooked us up with your blog. So far, so good.

brandi (and tim) said...

I think that I found one of the upper bowl guys you were complaining about when you were there.,5143,695265794,00.html