Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Loose Tooth Syndrome

Well, as a first grade teacher, one of the most frequently heard phrases is, "Look at my loose tooth!"  Up until today, I could care less.  My usual response is a half hearted "yeah, that is cool, eh."  Rarely do I even look as they bend it backward and forward in joyful jubilation.

Yesterday Lincoln got his first loose tooth.  From the moment he noticed it in the morning until now, all I have heard is "Dad, my tooth is getting wobblier!"  Or, "Dad, I am not the last one in my class to get a loose tooth anymore!"  His excitement about this tiny, wiggly piece of ivory has reached a fever pitch.  His filthy fingers are constantly in his mouth, jamming and prodding his tooth this way and that.  This is the most exciting moment of his life to date.

I have pledged that I will no longer ho-hum the ever growing mob of kids that line up daily to show me their tooth.  This is a big moment for them.  Lincoln is overly excited to show his teacher is tooth.  I am sure these kids come to me with the same glee in their eyes.  When a kids come to show what will soon be a dollar under their pillow, I pledge to now fake my enthusiasm, put on a happy face and thank the tooth fairy gods for this beloved event.  From the vantage point of a first grader, this is their crowning achievement.  I will no longer belittle it.  

I think this is the perfect time to show this video.  This video is of one of the triplets in my class this year.  He is one of the funniest kids I have ever taught as well as one of my all time favorites.  Anyway, here is a video of him having his tooth pulled out.  By the way, the triplets told me that America's Funniest Home Videos called them and this might be a finalist in a future show.


The Yospe's said...

very nice blogging

Ike said...

Remember you can embed You Tube videos right onto your blog... Take the HTML "embed" code off of YouTube and when you're creating your post, just enter that in where it says "Edit HTML."

Also, when linking to another site don't be afraid to use the "link" button (next to the align left button). That way, people won't have to copy and paste the URL.

Funny post. Are you going to get some video of Lincoln's tooth being yanked?

Kerianne said...

You're my all time favorite teacher.
From Spencer