Friday, November 7, 2008

Our coeds are the fairest and each one's a shining star - and other non-football related thoughts about last night.

I just can't get the game last night out of my brain.  I know I already posted about it once, but I feel it is two-post worthy, maybe even almost sponge-worthy.  A few more thoughts.

  • Thank you Tim for the very funny picture, the perfect companion to this post.
  • Congratulations to Ike, for pulling our team through when we needed him the most.  His finger to key skills were undeniably key.
  • There were several occasions that I had resigned myself to losing.  I should be ashamed of myself, but I just could not see how our boys were going to move the ball on that defense.
  • At one point of the winning drive, in the chaos, a man behind me completely fell off his row and into my back.  I almost fell forward as well and it would have been a very entertaining domino effect all the way down to the front row.  The funny thing is that in that moment of triumph I honestly could have cared less.
  • There were several times that Cathi asked if I was praying and I told her yes, yes I was praying.  I knew God didn't care, but I just needed to vent to him a little.
  • After we were down 10-3, with TCU driving and looking in control, my dad turned his coat inside out.  It was at that point that the team started playing better defense.  Throughout the game, my dad referred to his jacket reversal as the key.  Perhaps, but not quite as key as Ike's keyboard cheerleading.  Ike, you should start wearing one of those cute little cheerleading outfits up in the booth.
  • When we scored that go ahead touchdown, the place erupted like I have never seen.
  • We stood the entire game.  The entire game!  We sat down during timeouts, but otherwise our section was on edge for every single play.
  • As the thousands of fans poured from the stadium, well more like waddled out of the stadium and onto the streets, as we all headed to our cars, the fans let out one final roar of unbelief and overwhelming joy that I am sure could be heard all the way to Provo.  
  • I went jogging today and  I was wearing my Utah jogging sweatshirt, reserved specifically for the task of jogging.  While passing by a couple stores, a couple of fellas, also wearing Utah gear yelled to me, "Go Utes!", to which I responded, "Go Utes!"  Two different cars also honked as they passed me and yelled, "Go Utes!"  There is something special in the air amongst us diehard fans this year.  We seem to have created a special, unsaid bond. What a great time to be a Ute!  
  • Cathi was hesitant to go to a cold weather game, but I think she had a good time.  After we we scored that last touchdown with just seconds remaining and she had been hugged by several strangers and myself, she looked at me and said two words, "Pretty fun."  I was reminded of the Utah fightsong, "Our coeds are the fairest, each one a shining star."  Yes, my fairest, shining star - "pretty fun" is right. Pretty fun is right on the money! What a great night.


Lori said...

Abe, you may be hearing from the ACLU for posting this photo on your blog. Didn't you know the horned frog is a sacred figure to a Native American? And, since you are a Ute fan, you have now just commited some sort of prejudicial act of discrimination by putting this photo in a Ute post. Really. We just saw it on the news.

Cheeseboy said...

Lori, I got written permission from the Ute tribe to post the picture. Besides, my cousin created it using photoshop, so we'll each get 5 to 10.

Lori said...

Ok, we'll be sure to visit.

tim and brandi said...

Lori. I have a little secret for you. The critters in the picture aren't your poor little horned frogs in the least. They're actually bull frogs which are considered a nuisance species across the country. They're completely legal to "hunt" i.e. gig. And since we're being so detail oriented, the purple numbers on the back of each frog were a product of Photoshop CS2.

As an environmental biologist, I do appreciate your concern for all protected species.


Cheeseboy said...

Haha Tim! And yes Lori, he really is a working environmental biologist in Nevada, so I promise you he knows his frog species.

Lori said...

Hmmm. The Ute descendant I saw on the news didn't say anything about bull frogs being a sacred symbol to the Native, maybe you're safe.

But, you've brought up a good point...PETA may be knocking on your door instead.