Sunday, November 9, 2008

Now that my son stars in the show, I love the Primary Program even more!

Today just so happened to be the primary program.  I love the primary program.  It is the one meeting that I am guaranteed to not fall asleep in.  It is the one meeting that there is always a chance of something crazy happening.

 There are three things that go into a good program: An adorable sunbeam that can't say her R's, a touching story from an older kid about the Holy Ghost, and of course, a very loud, very proud singer in the front row. I am fortunate enough to have my son provide #3 for the ward to enjoy.

Lincoln has been practicing the songs at home for the program for a couple of months now.  He will shout out the lyrics with the greatest of self-glorification.  His joyful ballads were not toned down a single bit for the program.  He yodeled the child songs with the most piercing pizzazz ever heard in a primary program.  We noticed that everyone in the congregation giggling and then turning around to look at us to see our reaction.  Most of the time I simply smiled and shrugged.  

What was most impressive about Lincoln's singing was his facial expressions.  His face and lips bent and contorted to every note.  He proudly did every planned gesture and sometimes even created his own impromptu gestures.  His performance was a show stealer.  He is going to make his dad proud and become a superb karaoke singer someday.

Calder was in his old world during the meeting, as usual.  However, every time Lincoln would stand and sing, his eyes were glued to the stage.  We would say, "Lincoln is going to sing again." and he would perk up and listen.  Yet, every time we would warn him, Calder would sarcastically say, "They're singing... again?!?!"  Since when do two year olds understand sarcasm?


Gardner said...

Lincoln was so dang cute. Him and Anna knew the songs better than the Valiant classes. I loved when he was blurting out the words to "If the Savior Stood Beside me" (I think it was this one) he started on the wrong verse, got a little embarrassed then just started singing again. I love him. We you and Cathi know that we would do anything for your cute little boys.

Cheeseboy said...

Thanks Mel, our boys sure love you guys too. You are like the uncle and aunt they never had... although they do have a lot of uncles and aunts they love, but you guys might as well be one of them.

You did a great job on the program Mel!

(and thanks for finally commenting on my blog. Was that so hard?)

Tammy said...

Here's a quote from your blog "Lincoln has been practicing the songs fat home or the program for a couple of months now." I'm assuming you mean AT home FOR a couple of months or is there really a song called fat home?

Whenever I think of Lincoln, his singing always comes to mind! He is a little songbird and I'm happy to hear he put it to such good use today! Now just take a little video of that action at home and post it too :)

Lori said...

Tam, it's funny you always catch people's typo's! I never even notice's like that post you did on scrambled words, my brain seems to just process the word without seeing it as a typo.

Abe, I agree...the cute, loud singer of the program steals the show everytime. I think it's so funny and sad when Primary leaders get so caught up in the stress of everything being just "perfect" for the program, when all anyone really cares about is seeing their little kid sing.

Tammy said...

Thanks Abe! :)
Hope you weren't offended!!!

Tammy said...

And one more thing, I would have deleted my first comment and typed it again but I can't see the trash can. Is it there??? I never know if it's my computer or everyone's.

Lori said...

Sorry Tam...I didn't mean to sound rude in my comment. I seriously just think it's funny that you read every post that closely and notice.