Thursday, November 6, 2008

Game notes...

I've got to wear black tonight to the game.  It will be the first time I have worn all black to a football game since high school.  

Sadly, I have run the scenario through my head over 100 times and I just don't know how the Utes win tonight.  I have faith, hope and love, but I am not sure that is enough to carry my boys tonight.  Maybe I should add a hint of charity and a dash of an eye single to the glory of God? 

I can't wait for the atmosphere though, it is going to be electric.  Kinda like a Barack rally, a Guns and Roses concert combined with a football game.  

Cathi will be attending with me, surprisingly.  She hates cold weather games, but my I will keep her warm with my large, hairy man-body; hopefully hugging her in the joy of many moments.  

I will log on when I get home and tell you how the biggest game I can ever remember went.

Go Utes!

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Lori said...

Oh, Abe...where was your faith? Doubting the Utes like that, shame on you. You're right, Cathi was a good sport. I have a hard enough time going to the nice, warm Jazz games. You'd be hard pressed to get me to a freezing cold Ute game. But then, Cathi has always been nicer than me.:)