Friday, November 7, 2008

My annual checkup

My annual checkup went swimmingly today.  My only issue is that I mentioned to my doctor that my dentist told me that my acid reflux has been causing damage to my teeth and she wants me to go get a "scope" to make sure my medication is keeping the acid down and to make sure there is not any damage.

I had to pee in a cup today.  The cup was that of the dixie persuasion and I could have filled it 4 times over.  They asked me to write my name on the side so they knew it was mine, but I told them I had only really tried that in the snow and I am not sure if I had the skill.  The nurse told me she meant with the sharpie that was next to the cups. 

I hate it when the nurse checks my vital signs and then tells me to take my shirt off and wait for the doctor.  I always fall for it too.  I pull my shirt off and sit there in silence for 25 minutes, my chest hair blowing in the AC.    I am always a little embarrassed and ashamed as I sit there with that crinkling paper under my bottom and my shirt draped over the nearest chair. What exactly do you do to pass the time while you are sitting on a raised examination table with your shirt off? I wonder if they were able to tell that I was messing with the blood pressure thing.

Finally, the time of the exam comes and by that time, I am a little bit cold.  On average the most time I ever sit shirtless in a public place is about 6.37 minutes.  I have one question for the lady Cheeseboy enthusiasts - Does the nurse make you take your shirts off and wait too?

While in the waiting room I was searching for some reading material and scored with a couple Sports Illustrated.  One was from June 06 and one from August 07.  I chose to sat in silence, but the next time I go in I am going to take my shirt off as soon as I walk through the door.  I will check in shirtless. I'll just tell them, "I'm going to be doing this later, so I thought I would just get it over with."  Maybe I will turn my head and cough while I am in the waiting room too, just for practice.


We in Minnesota said...

This message is for Cathi. Hello to you and the boys. This is the crazy crossing guard lady at Parkside. You do look very cute and the boys have grown in the last 5 months. Hope your holidays are great.

Lisa Amott

Ike said...

A scope? Sounds expensive.

Cheeseboy said...

Yeah Ike, I might actually just not do it and wait until we have better insurance. But we'll see.

tim and brandi said...

Consider yourself lucky. When I go to the doctor (which is monthly these days because of the pregnancy), they make me take everything off. Though they do give me some sort of a paper "gown" to cover up with, not much of a consolation when it barely covers my bum.


Cheeseboy said...

Um Brandi, no one really told me you were pregnant. I guess in all the hubbub of the Utes season, Tim didn't have the time to mention it. Congratulations and I wonder why they don't have bums in those gowns?

CaraDee said...

Yeah, can't feel too bad for you. Like Brandi said, only worse. At my OB's office, you get some strange fabric in the shape of a short cape (slit open in the front for ease of entry) and a piece of square fabric to drape across your nethers, whilst your rear hangs out the back. It is a shameful get-up. I had to wait like that, feet dangling over the edge, with socks on for like 8 minutes one time. I was pissed. I would love a paper gown.

tim and brandi said...

Cara- that's exactly what I get at my doctor's. You just described it much, much better than I could. I had forgotten about the square paper (mine's paper, isn't yours?) piece they give you. Being a woman can be very humiliating.


tim and brandi said...

Oh yeah, and Abe... I'll let Tim apologize for not telling you about the pregnancy. Apparently, he is very preoccupied with football right now. And I'm sure he meant to blog about it eventually, maybe before the baby's born.


Cheeseboy said...

Yes ladies, my wife just informed me that she too has just the paper gown to wear. Thank goodness I don't have to do that. I did read once that they make the toilet seat paper covers out of recycled paper gowns from doctor's offices.