Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lincoln's Superhero Questions

Lincoln and I have been watching a dizzying amount of superhero movies as of late.  I have been trying to keep him abreast of which superheroes have specific powers, which are good guys and which are mortal.  We have watched Ironman, Hulk and Batman Begins in the last week and yes, I am one of those dads that is contributing to the delinquency of society by allowing my impressionable six year old watch incredibly violent movies.  In the distant future, when I have to bail him out of jail for bank robbery, we can blame it on Ironman, because well, that's just what we Americans do.

Given that Lincoln has very little understanding of superpowers, we have had a few funny conversations over the course of the movies.  I, of course, answer all of his questions with guesses, but act as though my answers are proven, scientific facts.  A typical question and answer session goes a little something like this:

Lincoln:  Dad, how does Batman fly?

Abe:  I think it has something to do with the material that his batwings are made of.  They allow him to soar through the air.  

Lincoln:  Why didn't the Hulk make one of those so he could fly?

Abe:  There wasn't enough material left to make one for someone as big as the Hulk.


Lincoln:  Dad, what does that light in the middle of Ironman's chest do?

Abe:  That keeps his heart going.

Lincoln: How?

Abe:  [Really, I have no clue] It has a magnet in it that keeps the metal from touching his heart.

Lincoln: Oh, but what does the light do?

Abe: It tells him that it is working.


Lincoln:  How does the Hulk's pants stay on when he gets really big?

Abe:  He's got some of those really stretchy pants.

Lincoln: Dad, the Hulk is HUGE though.

Abe: He must put on some special pants as soon as he turns into the Hulk.

Lincoln:  We saw him turn into the Hulk and he didn't put on any pants, dad.

Abe: Well, he just must be wearing stretchy pants that are made for really big people.

Lincoln: I want to be the Hulk for Halloween next year.

Abe: I guess we better go to the Big and Tall store then.

Lincoln: What is the Big and Tall store?


sacdaddy said...

Tally and I had almost exactly the same conversation about Iron Man's light. But, did you have to answer how the Iron Man enemy guy can fit his arms and legs into the armor suit when it is sooo big?

Tammy said...

I've never ever heard of Iron Man. Maybe I should send Nathan over to get more manly!

Cheeseboy said...

Steve, that is a great question about Iron MAn's arms. I am not even going to ask it for fear my brain will explode.

Tammy, Iron Man was HUGE. It made like 400 mil. I can't believe you haven't heard of him.

Tammy said...

I'm a girl. What do I care about superheros?