Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cheeseboy Dance Party 08!

If you are a boy that lives in our house, one of your favorite things to do is dance!  We have a dance party about once a week.  Here is a little slice of heaven, a piece of today's:

Like I said, no shame left.


Charis said...

Abe, I don't think you are aging ant all.... I saw you at thanksgiving the other day and shocked that you still looked 25, and now, I watch this clip, and I realized 25 was too old, I don't think you have aged since you were 18. I am very impressed, what is your secret?

Cheeseboy said...

Hi Charis and welcome to my blog! Thank you for the compliment, I think it was a compliment? Everyone says I look young - It might be from hanging around first graders all the time or it might be from doing dance parties with my boys. It's probably just that I haven't lost any hair at all yet.

By the way, Lincoln was VERY concerned about your UTAH/BYU hat that you had on at the party. He just didn't understand how anyone could like BOTH? He was going to go up to you and ask "what's wrong with you?" but he lost the courage.

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