Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am dressed just so darned cute tonight!

Hello everyone.  

What a night last night!  Regardless of what you think about Obama, it was quite a historical night.  It felt very surreal, like I was watching a live version of a documentary.  A live-o-mentary. 

Enough politics.

I am currently sitting in our gym, wait for parents to show up for parent/teacher conference.  I bring this up because I have been told by three different moms/teachers that I look like a little kid.  More exactly, "a little kid that has dressed up for a special occasion."  

Here is my current wardrobe: white shirt, dress pants and a navy blue sweater; no tie.  I am adorable!  The only thing I am missing is a matching blue beret or a checkered vest.  I am like a First Grade Teacher of a Build-a-Bear!  In fact, if you look under my darling sweater, you will find a cardboard heart.  I am so dressed so darn cute, a woman that works at The Pottery Barn for Kids asked if I would be in their next catalog.  One teacher asked me if I was getting ready for the Christmas program.

I found their compliment nice, but they didn't have to pinch my cheeks when they left


Lori said...

I'm sure you were adorable...just like a cabbage patch doll. You didn't put that in there, so I thought I'd throw it in.

Tammy said...

You do have a very youthful appearance Abe. That should be flattering, right?!