Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My attempt to be cool by wearing Heely's

Yes, I own a pair of Heely's.  I will admit it.  No, wait, why am I admitting anything?  I am proud of this!  They are great fun and I feel like a kid when I wear them.

I have been practicing and I am pretty close to being able to pull this off:

I'm not saying I could do it now, I'm just saying soon...

The first time I put on my Heely's I feel backwards onto my caboose.  It would not be the only time.  The shoes come with a training video that strongly suggests you wear a helmet and pads when riding. Of course, I am too cool for that crap.

Now, I understand that some of the old farts in this world have become annoyed and irked by the kids wearing these duds, flying up the grocery store aisles and creating mischief of this and that.  To these fogies I say - what is more annoying... a kid with two wheels in their shoe that cruises smoothly through a store, OR a one MPH electric cart that takes up the entire aisle?  

Yeah, that's right!  So get off my case bout my Heely's old man! You have no idea what it's like to be a kid nowadays.  You turdwads need to just get off our backs. 



Tammy said...

At a quick glance Abe that guy on the railing could be you!

emma said...


Cheeseboy said...

I was attempting to talk like a kid mom.

sacdaddy said...

Yes, turdwads. Everyone of them.