Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Utes have a history with heartbreaking, but this year I get a different sense of things.

I have gathered my thoughts and pulled my heart out of my socks and I have put together a few thoughts about football. For those Utah fans that may not be happy about winning 13-10 last night, let me remind you of a few games:

1. 1994: Utah @ New Mexico - Utah cruises into this game 8-0 and gets out to a very convincing first half lead. NM comes roaring back to win as Utah falls apart in the second half.

I think Utah would have taken a three point win.

2. 2003 - New Mexico @ Utah - Utah seems to be dominating the league for the first time and they are on cruise control under Urban Meyer. New Mexico comes in and punches them in the liver and beats us easily.

Even though we still won the conference, I think Utah would have settled for a three point win.

3. 2008 - TCU @ Colorado State -A bad Colorado State plays tough, but a very good TCU hangs on for a four point win on the road, 7-3.

TCU is not going to give back the win, even though they only won by 4.

4. 2008 - Florida @ Mississippi - Florida goes into a horrible SEC team’s house and gets beat. Florida now looks like the best team in the country.

I think Florida would have settled for a 3 point win on the road.

Now, I am not saying that we should not be concerned or that all is well. Certainly, things could be looking a whole lot better going into the TCU game. However, anyone that has been a fan of the Utes for more than 8 years knows that these are the type of games we used to lose 90% of the time. In fact, I can count 4 close games that we lose in past years that we have won this year: Michigan, Air Force, Oregon State and New Mexico. Given our checkered past with New Mexico, saying that we would normally lose this game is without a doubt a reality.

My Utes have always found a way to break my heart. Nevertheless, this year, just as it seems that my heart is going to get broken yet again, they somehow pull through.

9-0!!! Now comes the real challenge...

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Tim said...

I couldn't agree with you more. This was a game that anyone that knows Utah history was very nervous about. Too many skeletons in that closet. Sure we all secretly hoped for a convincing victory and had BJ been a little more accurate on a few of his long balls, the score would have been different. The defense was solid and the offense has shown that they can pull out the close ones. I feel okay about Thursday. I think that it will be a close game, regardless of the outcome. Go Utes!