Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sweet, sweet victory. I will savor this one.

The last two BYU games have been the two most painful I can ever remember.  I am so sick of hearing the following two quotes:

"Harline is still open."

"4th and 18."

As a matter of fact, there was some Y zoobie carrying a huge sign with those quotes on them through the tailgate lot before the game. What a bozo.

Well, it didn't take a miracle this time.  My living right paid off.  In fact, while I rushed the field, I was sure to take a picture of the following sign:

I got to the game an hour early and just soaked it all in.  Unfortunately, the only other people in my section there that early sat directly behind me and happened to be Y fans, or zoobies as they are commonly referred to.  As I sat there, they were sure to spout off such gems in my ear like, "I hope we see Hall to Collie all night long." Or, "Just wait until the U fans get here, we are going to be sprayed with beer and sworn at.  (Neither of these things happened, of course.)  

I did in fact speak with them for a bit.  They were nice enough, but the funny thing is that they dropped $125.00 each to see their team get creamed.  $125.00!  The only thing funnier is the 30 year old 5 rows behind us that paid that much AND painted his face blue.  That was just sad.

My favorite part of the evening was when the zoobies started filing out with 6 minutes left in the game.  The crowd gave really let them have it as they made the walk of shame.

My second part of the game was before it even started.  The BYU players started to get in line to do the Hakka.  The Ute players took exception and forced them off the field before they could do it.  It was absolutely brilliant.  I hate the Hakka, especially done by a bunch of dorky white guys at BYU.

The game itself was intense, but really not any more intense than the Oregon State or TCU game.  The Y fans behind me asked me if we always stand for the big games and I informed them "only for the big ones." 

- Oh, and by the way, never, ever let a BYU fan tell you that Max Hall is a better QB than Brian Johnson ever again. Ever.  (Exhibit 1 and 1a - 5 interceptions.  Better yet, the next time a zoobie tries to quote Harlie's still open or 4th and 18, just hold up five fingers - one for each INT.)

Rushing the field was fine, but a little anti-dramatic.  It was more like "walking down the stairs to the field, where I was greeted by grandpas that had already made it down." 

Alas, I am exhausted.  What a ride this has been this year.  For me, this year is even more satisfying than 04 for four reasons: 1. The schedule has been more difficult. 2. The games have been more exciting.  3. We don't have as much talent as 04, but we have more heart.  4. In 04, we did not need revenge over the cougars, but this year revenge was so sweet. 5. It has been 4 years since we last won the MWC.

Honestly, this year I would have been happy with a conference championship and a victory over the Y.  The BCS and the perfect season has just been gravy.

I am so tired.  Tired but relieved.  Oh, and vindicated. 

I wonder how long it takes to get blue paint off your face?  

And Tim, was that you in the Jesus costume and the sign that said, "Jesus loves U?"  I read you were thinking about doing it on Utefans, so it was either you or you inspired someone else to do it.

Another pic from the game - 


Ike said...

What a fun game.

It would have been fun to win in a close game, but I was glad we thumped em so we wouldn't have to hear from Cougar fans that would say we were lucky or it was a fluke. The Utes dominated tonight. There was no question who was the better team. The Utes didn't even need my button pressing skills tonight!

It was fun to see former Heisman candidate Max Hall throw 5 interceptions (not to mention his fumble we recovered). And there were at least 3 others that should have been interceptions. Yes, a lot of bad decisions by him. But I prefer to look at them as good plays by our defense. Especially that Paul Kruger interception was especially sweet.

I know the Cougars are were 10 - 1, so I can't criticize them too much, but I don't understand why they didn't run the ball more. It seems like Unga would drag 2 tacklers 5 - 10 yards every time they ran it. Yet, time and time again they would air it out and time and time again we would be there to make the interception. As questionable as Ludwig has been in the play calling department he was definitely the better Offensive Coordinator tonight.

I was unable to rush the field but I did snap a few pictures from the box which I'll probably post on my blog soon.

Go Utes!

tim and brandi said...

Some Jack stole my Jesus idea? I wish it had been me because that would have meant that I was at the game. I'm pretty sure that my sign ideas were better though. What a great game. We watched it as some very gracious cooger fans home. It was a great game, even from Vegas. I was in the middle of an 8 day raft trip in 2004 so this was especially sweet. Go Utes!