Saturday, November 8, 2008

My email to the US department of patents regarding patenting my name.

I sent this email to the US office of patens and trademarks today. (  I will post their reply when I receive one.

Dearest Patent Friends,

I would like to have my blogger name, "Cheeseboy" trademarked.  More specifically, I would like to have my entire slogan, "Cheeseboy - The defender of the cheese and all things holy" trademarked.

I have been contacted via my pager by "shady" blogger folk that would like to steal my name.  I fear for my blogging identity.  Identity theft, especially virtual identity theft, is a scary, scary thing.  

I am willing to pay any price (given that it is under $10.00 American).  I am willing to sacrifice and serve my country if needed.  I am willing to provide upwards of 45 minutes of community service a week.

I have read through the trademarking website and I have not been able to locate a section on the trademarking of names.  Can you please provide information on how to trademark a name?

Also, I can't figure out how to make that copyright sign on my keyboard.  I see the following signs above my numbers: !@#$%^&*  Yet, I do not see that circle with a "c" inside of it.  I imagine that when I get the name Cheeseboy trademarked, I will be using that sign an awful lot.  Can you please provide information on how to make the sign on my keyboard?

Thank you kindly for your patenting and trademarking information,

AKA - Abe

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