Saturday, May 31, 2008


We went to Raging Waters today.  I don't have any pictures. Who wants to drag a digital camera around a wave pool all day long?  However, we had a great time for 2 1/2 hours and we are completely exhausted.  Lucky for me, I have a 16 mile run tonight to help refresh me.

Some of my favorite things at Raging Waters are:

The Acapulco Cliff Dive - Lincoln went on this twice and was by far the smallest kid in the line.  The older kids told him how brave he was.  This slide is an adventurous thrill ride that measures 10.5 on the WSS.  (Water Slide Scale)

The toboggan run - Nothing better than going straight down at 60 MPH and skimming across the water.  Too bad that those things weigh 70 pounds and you have to carry them up that insanely steep hill.  They need a "toboggan zip line" to bring them up to the top for you.  Lincoln also bravely rode this.  I don't think I took the plunge until I was at least 10.

The Rope - What could be more fun than holding onto a rope and swinging into a pool?  The simplicity of it is what makes it great.  

Things I hate about Raging Waters:

The Wave Pool - Nothing like getting your both sides of your head slammed together by two enormous tubes.  I remember spending 2 hours straight in the wave pool as a kid.  Now I am lucky if I make it 2 minutes with all of those competing rubber rafts slamming against each other and into me.

The Kiddy Pool - Try as I might, I have never, ever been able to stand swimming in a kiddy pool.  I think it goes back to my youth when I was swimming in a the Fairmont Park pool.  I distinctly remember seeing a brown log float past my face.  When I realized what it was, I screamed and abandoned the pool like a boy that accidentally went into the girl's bathroom.  I am disgusted at the thought of what goes on in those things.

I also do not appreciate having all the people with tube rentals jump ahead in my in line.  It is ridiculous to pay 12 bucks to get in and another 10 for a tube.  So I patiently wait my turn for a loser non-rental tube while kindly reminding the six 12 year olds that they need to do the same at the BACK OF THE LINE.  The least Raging Waters could do would be to throw out a few more free tubes on each slide, but I guess that would cut down on their rentals.

Nothing has changed!  The only change they have made to that place since I was 14 was the lazy river they added about 10 years ago.  I remember growing up, it was like Lagoon.  They would add a new slide every year.  Now it is like a stagnated, crumbling ,wooden waterslide graveyard.  Time to update things a bit.  I would still go to Raging Waters over Lagoon any day.  

The best slide in Utah is still the river run at Cherry Hill.  I love that slide.  My dad almost died on that death trap.  His tube flipped over backwards and a lifeguard pulled him out by the neck.  It was the best kind of comedy.

Time to go running for two and a half hours.  Wish me luck.


Tammy said...

Good luck on your run Abe and I'm a bit surprised you still have the energy to go running after a few hours in the sun, fighting the crowds, at Raging Waters. I don't think I've been there since before Nathan was born. Then again, I haven't really been in a swimsuit in public since then either :).

Cheeseboy said...

Yes, Tammy...I could only do 10 miles. My mind said yes, but my body said no. The combination of Raging Waters, coming home and mowing the lawn, eating 3 slices of pizza and the brutal heat were just too much. But, given the circumstances, 10 isn't bad.

Tammy said...

Abe, I'd take 10 ANY day! Good job!