Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's Time to Play the Feud!

I grew up watching the feud - The Family Feud. As the host, Richard Dawson was a NCMO maniac during this time.  He could not get get enough of that game show nookie, even from the ugly contestants.  Well I turn on the old tube today and who is now hosting but some Seinfeld castoff that no one has heard of.  (I guess he was on Dancing With the Stars but I am not sure what their definition of "star" is.)  Wow, how this once mighty show fallen.  Here is a rundown of the hosts:

Richard Dawson aka "Desperate Lips"  1976 - 1985

Ray Combs aka "Suicide Ray" 1988 - 1995 

Louie Anderson aka "The Failed Diet, The Failed Career" 1999 - 2002

Richard Karn aka "Al Borland, Now & Forever" 2002 - 2006

John O'Hurly aka "That Guy Is Hosting Now?" 2006 - present

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Tammy said...

We grew up watching "Family Feud" too! In fact, that's how I realized I needed glasses. We would watch during dinner time. My family could read the answers but I couldn't. I like Ray coombs the best. Richard Dawson is too much of a kisser for me.