Monday, May 12, 2008

Two important things: Archutanna & Do I really know this guy?

I have been thinking about the important things in life lately: God, family goals, where I want to be in 10 years, the meaning of it all and most importantly, how I could make a 13 year old girl's head explode.

If I could somehow get David Archuletta to start dating Hannah Montana, that should do the trick.  The girls would be completely jealous and where would they aim their pent up, hormonal crazed, pimple faced,  frustration?  Directly at their leader of leaders, their idol of idols, their overrated princess of crappy pop  - Ms. Montana.  It is the perfect plan.  The only thing that would be more perfectererer would be if the entire affair was filmed at East High and billed as "High School Musical 3".  If all of these pieces were to fall into place, I guarantee at least one one girl would screech so loudly in anger her head would in fact explode.  I clearly have given this a lot of thought.

The only thing I can compare the above scenario would be if Oprah began to date Dr. McDreamy.

Larry H. Miller...what kind of statement are you making by staying home from the Jazz game on Sunday?  

First of all, your movie theaters are open on Sundays.
Secondly, your movie theaters play rated R movies.  

Thirdly, you sell beer at Jazz games.  

Forthly, you gave your tickets to your grandson, who is a member of the church.  Are you saying that you are trying to set a righteous example for your grandkids and then providing a means for them to do exactly what you are trying to set an example for them not to do?  (Or something like that.)  

Fifthly, how is this news?  Who cares if he goes to the game or not?  I guess I do.  I am blogging about it now.  

Sixthly, I can't help but think that this has something to do with your freaky, alien elbows.  I haven't figured out how, 
but when I make the connection, I will certainly blog about it.  Maybe it is just an excuse to have a press conference and cry a lot?


Tammy said...

Good points about Larry H!

I know you read your comments so I'm going to ask a question in it, hope that's okay! Since school is almost out, what is a good, practical teacher gift? I was thinking of getting Nathan's teacher a gift certificate to Cafe Rio. Is that lame? What would you want?

Cheeseboy said...

No, not lame!! Gooood! Oh, so good! In fact, I hint all the time that I love cheese fries from Training Table. (Note to the parents that read this blog - this does not mean that you need to get me a Training Table gift certificate.)

The best gift I ever got was $250.00! Amazing, eh. I got that last year from a parent who's kid made amazing progress in my class. Last year, I also got $50.00 from another parent. That was amazing, but I am so grateful for any gift I get. It is the one perk of being a teacher.

The triplets gave me tickets to the movies and that was actually a perfect gift too. I also like gift certificates to places like Target or even Walmart. We gave Lincoln's teacher a gift certificate to Albertsons.

One other thing I got that I liked last year was a gift certificate to the Desert Star. Gift Certificates to restaurants like Olive Garden or Chillis are great too. Gift Certificates are really the way to go.

Tammy said...

Okay. Now that I know a gift certificate is a great idea, what do you think is a reasonable price? Remember this is a preschool teacher so she only sees him 3 days a week for 2 hours BUT she's also taught him to read really well and I think she's been a great teacher.
(p.s. I'm not the "rich" sister-in-law so I don't have a budget of $250 or $50).

Cheeseboy said...

Tammy, it's not really the price that matters, just the thought. Probably anywhere from 10 - 20 is reasonable, depending on where you get it from. of you go with Cafe Rio, I would go with 20, so she could take her husband or someone else.

Heather and Jake said...

I think Larry is in a very difficult situation because he is always in the spotlight. Most of the things he owns are investments he has made with some of the money he made selling cars (that is where he makes all his money). I agree that it seems he has a seemingly double standard, just think about all of the people that are working for him on Sundays...the game, the theaters, the TV station (I had to work the Jazz game Sunday), the race track, Fanzz stores (I don't know if they are open on Sunday)...What would you do if you were him?

Cheeseboy said...

Jake - If I were Larry, I would have just gone to the game. If I chose to stay home, I certainly would not have given my tickets to my grandson.