Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This Jazz team does not have what it takes to get it done.

Sorry folks.  The verdicts already in.  Tonight will be the beginning of the end.  The Jazz don't have it in the cards.  Put it in the old refrigerator baby!  This one is money - ka - ching!  As every player is saying nowadays, "it is what it is." And it is not good.

Call me faithless or a bandwagoner, but the Jazz can't keep pace with the hated Lakers.  They are too well put together.  Kobe has his running mate and the other pieces are fantastic role players.  As much as I hate the Lakers and as much as I'd like to see the Jazz beat them, it will not happen this year.

I have given much thought and the championship teams almost always have at least two superstars.  Bulls - Jordan & Pippen, Spurs - Duncan & Robinson (or Ginobli/Parker), Lakers - Magic & Kareem, Celtics - Bird & McHale, Heat - Wade & Shaq, Lakers again - Shaq & Kobe, Rockets - Hakeem & Drexler, Pistons - Isiah & Rodman.

The only championship team I can think of that does not have two superstars is the last Detroit team to win it.  If Jazz fans want to get hope from a past team, this would be it.  They are put together very much the same as this Jazz team.  5 solid starters and a solid bench with no real superstars.  

If Jazz fans want further hope for the future, I believe DWill is a budding superstar, if he is not already one.  Unfortunately, I do not think that Carlos will be ever be anything more than an All Star sub.  He would make a perfect 3rd option on any team and his defense, well, you all know about that.  

I'll leave it at this: The Jazz are still too young and not talented enough yet to fully contend for a title.  Perhaps next year, but until they get one more superstar or Boozer steps his game up to another level (yeah right), they are second round busts for years to come.  

Go ahead Jazz,  I would love nothing more than for you to prove me wrong!  Beat the Lakers and I will forever shut my trap.  Beat the Lakers and I shall never doubt you again. 


Heather and Jake said...

Who are you to say this? A fan?? Where is your optimism? The Jazz just need get mad to get motivated. Every time I think about Koby shaking his fist to the Utah Crowd and yelling the F-U to the crowd, it makes me want him to lose more and more.

Cheeseboy said...

Jake, I am a realist, not an optimist. Just because Kobe yelled F-U to the crowd does not make it any less likely that he will eventually win. It is painful to say, but it is the truth -Even though I hate him, Kobe is too good.

Cheeseboy said...

After watching game #2, I feel even more confident in my prediction. They just cannot stop Kobe.

Heather and Jake said...

Okay, so maybe you are right. It is sad when I rather see Milsap playing in the game than Boozer. I tried to stand up for the Jazz, but they didn't leave me a leg to stand on with their horrible performance in game 2. Wasn't it Boozer and Williams that were calling out the rest of the team's effort last year? It is strange that how in this series it looks like Boozer is the one giving the least amount of effort...and Fisher seems to have Williams a little bit intimidated.