Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mormons are great in reality shows.

Given all of the success that Mormons have had on reality shows lately, I have considered producing an all Mormon reality show.  I mean, it worked for movies.  We now have what seems to be 1,000 Mormon movies which to shrug our shoulders at.  

I have several ideas for a TV show, but I am not sure which one to pitch to KBYU.  Here are my ideas:

1. "Nursery Survivor" - Put the High Council in a nursery with 12 kids.  Last one to leave is the new Stake President.

2. "The Real World - Provo" - 7 strangers picked to live in BYU student housing and have their lives taped.  Of course, the girls and boys would have to live in separate houses across campus and the giant hot tub would be replaced with a karaoke machine that plays only Afterglow, Kurt Bestor and Michael Mcsuperclean.  Also, sex scenes would be replaced by extended NCMO scenes.  Also, this show would be really awful.

3. "The Bizarro Bachelor" - 20 recently returned RM's and twenty 20 year old women are put together LDS Institute ballroom.  The last person that is not married is the winner.

4. "False (American) Idols" - Follow the lives of people as they are given a chance to pick either a false idol, a boat (A boat is the most common Sunday School answer to the question, "What are some of the false idols we worship?") or a dry pack canner. 

5. "Flavor of Mormon Love" - Watch the sparks fly as Flava Flave is converted and has his choice of 10 hot sweet spirits.  

6. "Hell's Kitchen" -  youth groups are asked to prepare meals for the poor in a Las Vegas Casino kitchen.

7. "Beauty and the Geek" - An super hot, Utah graduate model marries a BYU coed.

8. "The Apprentice - Bronco Mendenhall" - The search for the next BYU assistant coach begins as a group of 10 men grovel, steal and cheat their way to the top.  (Show is filmed while contestants are still on their missions.)

9. "Super Nanny, Exposed" - Super Nanny is out of her element and finally stumped when she has to watch a family of 10 obnoxious kids on the second row of sacrament meeting.

10.  (This one is actually for the FLDS)  "Wives Swap" - See if FLDS men actually realize that their wives have been swapped.   


Tammy said...

HILARIOUS ABE! And (sadly) I would watch every one of them! However, you did forget to important knock-offs . . . Biggest Loser and America's Next Top Model, and maybe Big Brother too.

Kerianne said...

I love those ideas. Thanks for the laugh.

granny yospe said...

I'm with Tammy--I would watch them all. The saddest thing about that comment is that the reason I would watch them is because they would be the BEST shows on television! Yikes!