Saturday, May 17, 2008

John Tucker is dead... of old age

For unknown reasons to my wife and myself, we found ourselves in front of the tube last night watching a horribly awful movie.  However, it was one of those movies that you sit and stare at because you know there is probably nothing better on anyway. (Which was probably wrong because nothing could be worse than this load.) It was a teen comedy called "John Tucker Must Die".

While watching the movie, the characters looked more and more like they had actually graduated college.  After checking, I discovered the real ages of the "high school juniors" during the time of filming.  Here is a rundown:

1. Jesse Metcalf (John Tucker) - 28 years old!!!
2. Brittany Snow (Kate) - 20 years old
3. Ashanti (Heather) - 26
4. Sophia Bush - 24
5. Arielle Kabbel - 21
6. Penn Badgely - 21

The amazing thing is that the acting was still awful.  Probably because the actors had not been teenagers for so long, they forgot how to act like a teenager.

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