Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Liger - "Bred for it's skills in magic".

Today, I decided it would be great fun if we used our imaginations a little.  Inspired by Napoleon Dynamite's "Liger", and a "Liophant" in a Flat Stanley book, I asked the kids to invent a new animal by combining two animals.  The responses I got were fascinating and hilarious.  I give you some of the creations of Mr. Yospe's class:

"The Mooscog"
This animal comes to you courtesy  of Hannah P.  It is 1/3 moose, 1/3 cat. 1/3 dog.  She wrote that it lives in the forest.

"The Cheater & The Tipiger"
These two distinct specimens come to our courtesy of Keri.  The Cheater is half chetah and half turtle.  The Tipiger is 
half pig and half tiger.  She wrote that the cheater eats cereal and the tipiger eats corn.

"The Gorillafent"  
This here animal is a gorillafent by Spencer.  He eats coconuts and lives in the trees.

"The Mrog"
Half monkey, half frog, Kaylee invented the Mrog.  In her words, "Okay! This is a monkey mixed up with a frog.  The frog part of me won't let me eat bananas."

"The Shorker"
Let me present to you the Shorker by Hannah J.  Half shark, half porcupine, the Shorker will eat anything, even alligators.

FYI, Heath also created an creature that is half monkey, half Mr. Yospe.  He called it the "Mr. Monkey".  He lives in the jungle, helps monkeys learn how to read and swings his legs a lot.

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Tammy said...

What a FUN project! I love the Mrog - cute! The Tipiger looks very familiar as half piglet and half tigger! This might be one time it would be fun to be a teacher.

And I forgot to add Napolean Dynamite to my movie list so I'll go do that now.