Sunday, May 25, 2008

BYU alum are cheaters!

This article about an overprotective sap of a BYU dad made me laugh, as it did all of the other folks on the other day.  I guess BYU needs to offer a course in morality and ethics. Poor girl will be branded a cheater for the rest of her life, just because her dad is a Y fan.   

Lincoln's puke streak is truly over now.  He puked for about 4 hours yesterday.  He caught the nebola virus or the bird flu or something that is going around at his school.  Oh well, time to start a new streak.  Just keep him away from any black and white cookies.  Unfortunately, we missed the excursion to the dino-park in Ogden.  Bummer.  Calder has not yet got it, thank goodness.

I ran 14 miles on Friday night.  And if you were wondering, yes that is a very long time to just run.  It took me just over 2 hours and I came home exhausted.  Good thing Lincoln was puking because I didn't feel like doing anything yesterday.  This Saturday calls for a 16 miler.  Ugh.  

Some of the ladies at my school were clammering and hooting it up in the office the other day.  When I peaked in to check on what the big deal was, they told me they had purchased some clear duct tape.  THEY NOW MADE CLEAR DUCT TAPE!  I asked them, "Why would someone need duct tape that is clear?  That is the most worthless invention since Crystal Pepsi".  One of the ladies then said, "I bet you are going to go home and blog about this."  So here it is.  I am blogging about it.  Crystal duct tape....AMAZING!  (If you want to see a true list of great inventions, please visit my post below.)

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Tammy said...

Abe, haven't you heard that duct tape helps get rid of warts? If women are the ones with the warts, I'm sure they'd rather have a beautiful clear piece of duct tape on their finger or toe than an ugly gray or black one! Must be a woman who came up with clear duct tape!

And CONGRATULATIONS on running 14 miles!!! I'm tired and winded just imagining what that would be like. Good for you!