Friday, May 9, 2008

I say dumb things to famous people.

I have said some really stupid things before, some really stupid things.  I will have to post about all the dumb things I have said another day.  As for today, I am going to post about one specific ridiculous item of knowledge that has spouted forth from mine lips.

The year was 2000.  A new millennium was dawning this very night.  Cathi and I were attending a "Bull Riders Only" event plus Chely Wright concert afterword.  During this time, Chely Wright was very big on the country music scene.  She had several hits and Cathi became a fan.  Cathi would watch the country video countdown shows and I would remark at how striking this Chely woman was.  Cathi being the very unjealous type that she is, would just shrug her shoulders and agree.

My dad, being the bigwig that he is, was able to obtain two VIP passes.  We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet Chely.  We ate dinner in the basement of the Delta Center and then got in line for a picture.  We were the last people in line.  When we finally got to Chely, she shook our hands and told us thanks for the support.  I had been thinking for quite some time of things I could say to her.  Perhaps, "I really enjoy your music."  Or "You are a great artist."  However, as she stood before us all glittery and smiley, all I could squeak out was, "I voted for you on the CMT countdown show."  

Of course, I had not voted for her.  I didn't even know how to vote.  It was a stupid thing to say.  Chely looked a little surprised that a 25 year old man would tell her this (I believe most people that vote for those shows are 14 year old girls.)  Cathi looked surprised that I had said anything at all.  Then it of Chely's bodyguards standing behind her laughed and said, "Oh, YOU were the one that put us over the top!"  How embarrassing.  (But not as embarrassing as pooing your shorts.)  Chely then laughed and said, "thank you" and I walked away in shame.  I voted for you on the CMT countdown show??? What the hell was that?

Well, I thought this was just a one time problem.  However, I was once in a commercial for my dad and Craig Bollerjack was in it.  When I met him, I told him, "I like your pants."  To be fair, they were a very cool color.

I also once waited in line right behind Teri Hatcher for 45 minutes for Peter Pan at Disneyland.  I didn't realize it was her until some people started taking pictures of her right before she got on.  Someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, "You were right behind Teri Hatcher!"  It's a good thing I didn't know it was her or I would have probably said something stupid like "You were the best Louis Lane ever!"

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Tim and Clarissa said...

When we were in Disneyland my dad met Seal. He had no idea who he was and started making seal noises and clapping the back of his hands together. That should make you feel better about the things you have said to famous people!