Monday, May 5, 2008

Awkwardness at the Movies

I recall as a young boy watching a movie in Sharing Time called, "Cipher In The Snow".  The story is about a boy who gets off of his school bus one morning and falls dead. Nobody knows why he died. Nobody really even knows who this boy that well and even his teacher knew very little about him.  Clearly this was perfect viewing material for a 6 year old.  I remember telling my primary teacher that I didn't want to watch it and that it was scary.  She told me to just wait and that it would get better.  About halfway through the movie I ran out into the hall, petrified and in tears.  

My mom, who happened to be in the Primary Presidency came out and consoled me.  She told me that I didn't have to watch it if I didn't want to.  About two months later they showed the movie "The Phone Call".  This time I was in the hall before it even began.  I recall sitting on a folding chair for about 20 minutes.  

This reminds me of three other inappropriate movie experiences.  For the last day of school 2 years ago, we got the movie "Swiss Family Robinson" for the first graders to watch.  This was perfectly legal as we obtained the movie through the school district and it was on their list.  The kids seemed to really enjoy it.  However, our Principal just happened to walk in during the final battle scene.  The kids where whooping and laughing it up as dead pirates fell from the mountain.  Perfect timing.

While on my mission, we were able to watch one movie a year as a mission.  Our A.P. chose "A Christmas Story" citing the innocence of a little boy during the holiday season.  We were not expecting our Mission President to watch this movie with us.  I think that we made it to "120 watts of electric sex in the window" before President Nelson made us turn it off.  The uncomfortableness of the situation was unbearable.  

Finally, my grandma (of previous post fame) once told us that she had seen "an awful" movie.  She said she did not know why it was so bad because in the paper "it got four stars".  When we asked her what the movie was, she replied, "There is something about Marsha, or Mary?  Or something like that."  


Tammy said...

Aren't you the one who is afraid of scary movies?? Even ones that aren't really "scary"?
I haven't heard of either of those church movies.

Tim and Clarissa said...
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Tim and Clarissa said...

You want awkward? Ask Kerianne to tell you about the time she picked Face Off (Rated R) to watch with the entire family at our grandma's house. Every time they swore our gandma would sigh and say "oh dear!" Awkward!


Anonymous said...

Nice, my sister is ratting me out. For the record, it was a mistake and I have not watched another rated R movie since then. It was awkward though.

Cheeseboy said...
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