Thursday, May 29, 2008

Abe's Stupid Human Tricks

I have never been on David Letterman's "stupid human tricks".  However, I have a variety of stupid tricks I can do that may one day get me invited.  Unfortunately, nothing I can do is very original.

My first stupid trick is making my tongue do the wave.  

My second stupid trick is blowing spit bubbles off my tongue.  (Must have correct spit consistency in mouth.  Temperature, barometer and humidity must also be just right for me to perform this trick.)  I actually learned this trick when bored one day tracting rich summer homes in the Poconos.  

Placing my entire fist in my mouth.  

Dancing like a complete moron.

(Dave, if you read this post, put a note in the comments and we will schedule a time for me to come perform.)

Oh, one other thing.  I know the entire "Small Wonder" theme song by heart.  Question: Who does the Small Wonder dad look like?


tim & brandi said...

Billy Corgan! It's really funny that you posted this. I was seriously thinking about this show just the other day and knowing your love of bad tv, felt like I needed to share it with you. Apparently not. In consulation, I give you this:

Standing tall,

Cheeseboy said...

Wait, wasn't it the son that was rumored to be Billy Corgan? That proved to be false, but I still think there is a coverup/

Also, I was going to list Perfect Strangers on my poll of bad shows. I thought about it long and hard. Because there were actual moments in Perfect Strangers that were actually a little humorous, I decided not to put it on the poll.