Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thoughts about the game and the Jazz

Does anyone actually want to guard Derek Fisher?  How many 3's does he have to make in a row?

How about drawing up a game winning play that actually works?

How many 10 point 4th quarter leads have the Jazz blown this year?  They can't seem to convert offensively in crunch time.

How about a play in the last 3 minutes that does not involve DWill just running dribbling around into nowhere?

Why do the announcers keep saying the Lakers are so hated because they have won so much in the past?  Don't they realize that people hate them because they are cocky, arrogant, pompous jerks?  No mention of that.

When will Memmo back up a quarter inch so he can actually get 3 instead of 2?  JUST BACK UP A FREAKING 1/2 INCH!  Give him credit though, he is the most clutch guy on the team.

If there is any doubt that Kobe does not receive preferential treatment, just look at the call where he clearly pushed AK to give himself room.  That is one reason the NBA just bugs me.

I decided to actually watch this game (unlike the last game) and I think I lost 2 years of my life.  These close games are just killers.  

Anyone else think that Kobe was playing up those injuries a little too much just because he is a whiner?  What do you want to bet that all we will hear from Laker fans is how the Lakers would have won if Kobe wasn't hurt.

Is there ANYONE that you enjoy watch lose more than Kobe?  The only person I can think of is John Beck.

I am sticking with my original prediction of the Jazz losing this series, but ask me again after game 5.


Heather and Jake said...

Williams was playing with a wrist that was pretty much broken...he had to have x-rays after game 3, Boozer has a bad back and is always iceing it when he is on the bench, Price had a fractured skull..4 stiches because of the hard flagrant foul by the Lakers, Harpring always looks like he is in pain with his knees...there are probably more that we could add to the injury list for the Jazz, but the point is that the entire focus was on Kobe's hurt back. After the game he said, "No excuses." Then a reporter asked about his back and then came his excuses. To me it was like he was worried they might lose game he was going to pretend like his back hurt him. If they won everyone would be saying, "Kobe is the greatest, to be able to play through that injury and still lead his team." and if they lost he had an excuse.

The Yospe's said...

I love that crazy jazz fan behind the hoop!