Monday, May 19, 2008

Eraser Men - The trend that will never end.

I have noticed since I have started teaching that some things I did as a kid are still cool today.  For example, making paper footballs and shooting them through your buddies finger "goalposts", bringing trading cards to school or riding scooters:

Scooters when I was a kid:

Scooters nowadays:

To my surprise, however, the first graders in my class are on a kick that I forgot that even existed.  This would be the "eraser man" trend started when an older brother started making them.
(Thanks Harrison!)  His younger brother then brought this creative endeavor into my classroom.  My class is now full of large pink erasers and eraser heads decorated like little men.  The crazy thing is that I remember doing the exact same thing in grade school!  Good old eraser men, one of the few remaining joys in life.


Eric said...

I think the actual pink eraser guys are just the start. You weren't there on the day (a week ago?) when at least two kids in your class wore the very stylish Eraser Guys t-shirts to school.

Have you seen the Mr. V. Eraser Guy in his office window? You can see it in the hall as you walk by. He's wearing a tie and Harrison presented it to him during his Principal's Pride award.

And of course there's the web site Check out the fine art gallery and some of the other fun stuff on the page. Harrison owns and manages the entire site, he does it all himself. Check it out!

Cheeseboy said...

Eric, this is so funny! I did see that eraser guy in Mr. V's window and I just assumed that Harrison had something to do with it. That is hilarious that he presented it to him during Principal's Pride.

I want an Eraser Guy T shirt. I will have to ask Harrison during lunch tomorrow. And I better link to my blog.

Tammy said...

I've never heard of Eraser Men. Must be a boy thing! As for the scooters, I'm so old I don't think they even had the one you said you had as a kid! Or maybe my family was too cheap :). My dad made ours and they were the hit of our neighborhood circle.

Tim and Clarissa said...

Wow! I think I am a little bit offended! I am learning about my nephew's great adventures now through a complete stranger! I guess it is time to move back to Utah to stay in the loop! Thanks Mr. Yospe for keeping me informed!