Saturday, August 30, 2008

Who am I sir? A Utah Man am I!

If you haven't learned to love to win ugly, you truly haven't loved Utah football.

Don't give me the fact that we stunk in the second half. 

Don't give me the fact that Brian Johnson needs to throw the ball away.

Don't give me the fact that they blew a huge lead.

Don't give me the fact that they had 16 penalties.

They will clean those things up and the schedule only gets easier.  Hey, and no one got injured.

Okay, give me those facts, but I don't care if you are Utah, Appalacian State, Ohio State or USC, a win in the big house is a win in the big house!!  This is the best defense the Utes will play all year, and the Utes pulled it out.


PS - What was the deal with the announcers getting Sakoda's name right the whole time until the end and then calling him Sack-o-da?? 


Lori said...

If Utah would have lost, I would of have had Kyle's head on a platter. Typical Utah freezing up when they had a lead and not executing. The worst play calling I have ever seen in a second half by the Utes. What was it, 50 yards total offense the second half. Abe, I don't feel any better about the Utes season than I did before this game. Michigan is not a good team, and they don't have a quarterback to lead their offense. They will be a sub 500 team this year! I don't want to rain on anybody's parade, but I was expecting more. The Utes do have a great defense and B. Johnson's arm looks great if and when he releases it instead of getting sacked. One last concern, the penalties, the Utes with any discipline in the game could have beat this team by 30. I blame Kyle for that to! I really am happy and excited for this year, I will reserve further judgement until after they play UNLV of which they should win by 40!!!!!! If not, it may be a typical 8-4 or 9-3 season. How many games to they play again? GO UTES!

Cheeseboy said...

All valid points Mike. Fortunately, they play UNLV, Utah State and Air Force next. I think they will win all of those games by an average of 30+ points. It is a whole lot easier to work out your kinks against those teams than by playing Michigan in the big house. This team is only going to get better and better. Like I said, that was probably the best defense they will see all year.

My glass is half full. No, I will say more than half full. WE BEAT MICHIGAN IN THE BIG HOUSE. 10 years ago, I would never have thought I would see the day that would happen.

They better beat UNLV by 40. They clearly have the talent this year to beat every team on the docket.

Cheeseboy said...

PS, I love the fact that we played like crap, were clearly undisciplined and made stupid mistakes and still beat a Big 10 team at their place. Wait until they get rolling again!

There is not a team on the schedule left that has the pure talent that Utah clearly has. If they lose a game it won't be because the other team has more talent. The Utes are loaded it seems at every position.

Now if Brian Johnson could just throw the ball away...

Eppy said...

When are you going to take me to a U game?

Lori said...

P.S. Eppy is code for Mike E.

Cheeseboy said...

Mike, I'd love to take you to a game, but my dad only purchased 4 tickets this year. We had a "drawing" of sorts to see who gets to go to what game. I got 3 games and I can't really take a "guest". (New family rule is that I must take a brother before I take anyone else.)

But hey, if you would like to buy a ticket with me for Oregon St, that would be great. However, they are going fast and Utah SHOULD be 5-0 going into that game now - so I am sure that it will be sold out.

By the way, congratulations on your own icon!

tim and brandi said...

I was really depressed that the local ABC feed showed the USC-Virginia game. Stupid So. Cal transplants! I was negated to listen online. A friend invited me over to his house to watch but my mom is in town and I didn't want to ditch her. I made him record it though. We left the house at half time and I was feeling pretty good about the situation. Of course, Michigan was going to make some adjustments and Utah wasn't, but I thought we were playing well enough to cover. In our running around town, I found the game on the radio in the 4th quarter. We got to our destination and I said, "Let's just listen to this Utah drive before we get out. Blocked punt. We need to listen a few more minutes. Touchdown Michigan. We need to listen to Utah's next drive. Fumble. We need to listen a few more minutes. Touchdown Michigan. By this point, Paisley was so tired of just sitting there, she was going crazy and the game was making me crazier, so we walked away. Hooper called me an hour later to "celebrate the win with me." That was good news.

tim and brandi said...

Now for some actual thoughts on the game. Lori really knows her football! The bottom line and what we really need to appreciate her is that Utah has a very poor record for season opening games on the road. So to get one is great. To get one against a great program is super great. I think that this game actually puts the Utes in good position. By not winning by blow out, Utah returns to practice knowing that they were fortunate to win and they have plenty of things to work on (execution, penalties, throwing the ball away [I think BJ has been watching too much Alex Smith/San Fran game film]). Having not seen or heard much of the second half, it's hard for me to comment, but it seemed like execution is definitely an issue. Ludwig is known to play conservatively with leads, and it sounded like the players were getting pretty tight. I'm fine with that. Those are things that can be improved relatively easily over the next 3 Saturday scrimmages. What's important is that the Utes obviously have talent on both offense and defense, no major injuries reported (although I heard something about Robert Johnson), and Utah starts the season 1-0 which gives me a lot of hope for the rest of the year. Something I didn't have Sunday morning last year after Oregon State. After last week's Democratic convention and Utah's win, I'm feeling very hopeful.

Cheeseboy said...

Tim - I absolutely agree with you. This is a time to be optimistic. With last year's team, there is no way we win that game.

I'm sorry you didn't get to watch it, but you truly did watch the best parts. The entire game felt like we should be way more ahead than we were though.

I am not sure if they were playing conservatively the second half or not. The group of Ute fans I was with were just screaming at the TV for them to run Asiaga more. Even when Michigan knew he was coming at them on the direct snap, he'd get at least 3 yards. There were a couple of times that the Utes had 2nd and 3rd and 2 and were dropping back to throw, of course getting sacked and forcing a punt.

I know that Ludwig is known for his conservativity when he gets a lead, but I didn't get that feeling. I wish he would have been MORE conservative in the 3rd and 4th quarter. Instead, we got Johnson dancing around in the pocket until he finally got sacked. But hey WE WON!

And... Rice Eccles will be a rocking in 6 days! I wish you could be there!

Lori said...

Yes, Tim I DO know my football! I am Cathi's sister....didn't she tell you I played on the high school football team? I know ALL about football.

Cheeseboy said...

Oh yes Tim. I forgot to say I feel a bit hopeful after last week's convention as well.