Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Household expenses.

Cathi's broken tooth resulted in a crown today, and not the Burger King type.  Damages = $615.00.  

We got a flat tire in the construction portion of I-80. Thanks UDOT. Damages = $120.00

Sprung a leak below our sink.  Damages = $27.00 (luckily)

Working extra hours in the summer so you can supposedly "save" money.  Priceless! 


Lori said...

Oh great....our curse must have rubbed off on you through the Blog!!! We went through the same thing last month with problem after problem. Hopefully for you, 3's a charm and you're done!

Tammy said...

Ouch! Don't pass the luck this way please!

Esther said...
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Esther said...

Got a flat tire yesterday and had to replace it and another tire that was worn out: $230.

Josh getting cavities filled this month and more work done next month: $0 (thanks Cafeteria Plan at my work!)

Registration and insurance for cars in September: $600+.

Property Taxes for the year: $141 (left, I've been paying $47 a month).

New floor payment every month: $200(I pay more when I can).

Gas to get to and from work in Salt Lake City every day: $110 a week!

Feeling broke all the time: Priceless!

Think it's time to move?

Tim said...

Don't get Brandi started on my dentist bills. I apparently have serious monkey mouth and am on like a 5 year plan to catch up on work since I keep maxing out.

Cheeseboy said...

Esther, you do indeed sound poorer than I, if that is the reaction you are looking for.