Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Song of the Day: Vampire Weekend - A-Punk

If you missed this guys on SNL or if you have not caught the Vampire Weekend craze yet, now is time to jump on the bandwagon.  There is plenty of room AND if you don't, you'll miss some very upbeat, fun little ditties like this one:


Tim said...

You'll need to up these guys again. For some reason, I don't have them.

Cheeseboy said...

It shall be done.

su-tang 3000 said...


Traci is the number 1 super fan of your site. I'm finally looking at it right for the first time. I already disagree with your thoughts on Vampire Weekend, but never fear, I won't hold that against you.

Vampire Weekend

Talk about pre-release hype. Vampire Weekend has been getting heavy blogger buzz since the day it was conceived two years ago. Though their debut just hit the shelves, it feels reminiscent of a time filled with flipped-up collars, Ray Bans, yacht clubs and Ivy League frat parties. The understated guitars, African drum rhythms, and singer Ezra Koenig's Paul Simon-inspired vocal styling give the album a laid back cool.

Unfortunately, the album's undeniable catchiness is also its greatest weakness. WASP-y ska ditty "A-Punk" and architecture-inspired "Mansard Roof" make an immediate impression, but refuse to leave. The artsy album is a great first listen, but tires quickly.

For fans of: Bishop Allen, Cat Power
Rating: 2 of 4 stars

Cheeseboy said...

Welcome Spencer to my blog!!! Come by anytime and talk music with me! I post my songs of the day every so often and any comments I get on them at all are few and far between. So, even if you disagree, PLEASE by all means, comment.

By the way, you have me hooked to Up Up Down Down etc. Great band! Thanks for the suggestion.

I have been reading your blog as well. I totally agree with your review of the new Weezer. The first half of the album is great, second half, not so much. But I disagree somewhat with you about the new Death Cab. Sure, it wasn't their best, but I still like it.

Come by anytime!

Cheeseboy said...

By the way Spencer, we have a copy of Rasheed's Neighborhood to give you AND...

We need to come see your band again sometime.